Involvement and Engagement

Involvement and Engagement at The University of Texas at Arlington is dedicated to enriching the co-curricular experiences of our diverse campus community.

Fostering a Thriving Campus Community

Through facilitating collaborations and building strong relationships we strive to create a dynamic and inclusive environment that inspires lifelong learning and active citizenship.

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Providing shared experiences for personal and community growth
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Offering comprehensive training and development opportunities
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Creating engaging events that foster pride in the UTA campus community
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Facilitating collaborations and building strong relationships
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Cultivating a culture of leadership, lifelong learning and active citizenship
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Encouraging a community of care and support

unlocking future success

Maverick Advantage

The Maverick Advantage program prepares students for their future careers through experiential learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

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MavOrgs is your gateway to student organizations and clubs that offer a wide range of extracurricular activities and opportunities for personal growth.

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At The University of Texas at Arlington, success is found all over campus. Your story could be next.

Computer Science Major -

Diya Patel

UTA Ambassadors helped me be the leader I am today. I found so many lifelong friends and learned how to be more involved on campus.

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Computer Engineering Major -

Harshith Muthuluri

MAC is a great space to spend the time and relax yourself, its on the top of my list of helpful campus resources.

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Information Systems Major -

Akash Reddy

I directed students to tailored student orgs, fostering belonging and meaningful campus connection.

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Computer Science Major -

Maharsh Patel

At I and E, I found a second home-belonging through engagement, diverse connections, and enriching experiences for an international student.

Visual Communications Major -

Melissa Marquez

Working as a graphic designer at the I and E, it is super fun to see my poster and shirt designs all around campus bringing school spirit to life!

Journalism Major -

Haylee Jenkins

EXCEL campus activities has set me up for success in my future endeavors. Through EXCEL I have grown as a leader and learned so many Tangible skills.

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Criminal Justice Major -

Jenna Lewis

The most memorable experience for me was when I saw my first drag show last fall. It was so fun, and I felt like I was really a part of a community.

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Business Analytics Major -

Isra Qureshi

As a Maverick Leadership Trainer, I have grown my public speaking skills and learned how to understand a topic in depth. I am honored to be an MLT!

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Environmental Science Major -

Katherine Atkins

I've created organizations, programs, and lead my peers in various ways which has allowed me to turn the UTA community into something I'm proud of.

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