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Student organizations are a fundamental part of the diverse and dynamic community that exists at UTA. There are hundreds of groups that serve to that complement your academic work, provide leadership development and enhance and enrich your collegiate experience.


Search hundreds of student organizations, connect with upcoming campus events and activities, lead and take charge of your co-curricular involvement.

Mission / Purpose

We believe that active participation in clubs and organizations advances student success, complements scholastic endeavors, provides hands-on opportunities for learning and personal growth, hones professional skills, and builds enduring bonds of friendship and affinity for the UTA community. We are committed to helping students pursue a fulfilling and robust college experience.

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Our staff is here to help with organization involvement and speech, expression and assembly on campus.

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Student Organizations is a part of Involvement and Engagement, which executes programs to engage students, enhance their campus experience and develop skills to foster success. Head on over to their website to discover other departments and ways to get involved.

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Maverick Advantage

The Maverick Advantage program prepares students for their future careers through experiential learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.