The Process

The Student Organizations Office provides a printing allowance for all registered student organizations in good standing.* will be allowed to use up to $100.00 per organization, per academic year towards printing.

Pricing Guide


All requests will need to be submitted 48 hours prior to pickup. JPEG and PDF files are strongly encouraged. Upon completion an email will be sent for pickup. If you have questions, email us.

To ensure the success of this program, there are some rules that must be followed:

  1. The organization’s name must be listed on all printed material (UTA or UT Arlington should not precede your organization’s name).
  2. If items are being posted, there must be a 2 × 2 inch white square at the bottom-right corner for the date stamp.
  3. All events must be happening on the UT Arlington campus.
  4. All posters/flyers must be print ready. We will not edit your images for size, grammar or content.
  5. Only officers listed on the current update form/re-registration can submit artwork. The only alternative is that an officer is copied on the e-mail.


*Good Standing– all organization materials have been submitted to Student Organizations; e.g., no debt to the University, risk management completion.

Not an actual cash value. Printing privileges are non-transferable and cannot be used for private or university/departmental purposes.