Two student government members advertise tabling to recruit a member

key responsibilities

The following is a list of some of the key responsibilities for an organization to maintain its active status. The extensive policies for organizations are contained in the current edition of the Student Organizations Handbook and the university’s Handbook of Operating Procedures.


Limitation on Representation

  • Registered student organizations are associations of university students/personnel. An organization may speak and act (as permitted) on its own behalf; however, it may neither suggest nor imply that it acts or speaks with any agency or authority of The University of Texas at Arlington.

  • Registered organizations are not generally permitted to use the seal, institutional "A" logo or other official insignia/trademarks of the university. They may, where appropriate, use the "Mavericks" mascot mark

Registration and Organizational Updates

  • Reregistration – The primary contact person of each organization shall submit a re-registration update by the tenth class day of each regular academic session of the fall and spring terms. The re-registration is completed on MavOrgs. Only individuals holding certain positions such as president, primary contact or faculty/staff advisor can access the registration link. For more detailed instructions, please download the Re-registering Your Organization instruction sheet.

  • Officer Listing –  An organization is expected to maintain an accurate listing of its officers. The officers provided during registration and maintained on organization’s MavOrgs roster shall be presumed to be authorized to speak for or represent the organization in its relations with the institution. These individuals will be the recipients of official notices, directives and information from the institution. The organization is responsible for keeping these listings current and accurate throughout the semester. Changes to officers that occur between registration periods should be updated within ten (10) days of their change.

  • Membership Listing – The organization should keep an accurate listing of its current membership on its MavOrgs roster. Those who are no longer active members of the group should be removed.

Risk Management

  • Organizational Officers – Each academic year, the president (or equivalent officer) and at least two other officers must complete a risk management training. The normal deadline for this occurs after the beginning of each fall semester.

  • Policy Implementation – The president and officers, under the advisor’s supervision, are expected to implement a risk management plan/policy within the organization in accordance with UTA’s risk management training.


  • Advising Requirement – All organizations must have the sponsorship of at least one UTA faculty/staff advisor. The advisor is to be kept aware of organizational activities and business. The advisor authorizes and approves meetings and events. The advisor also supervises the handling of funds and financial commitments of the organization. Selection of an advisor is at the discretion of the organization; however, the advisor’s role must be confirmed by the Student Organizations office.

  • Changing Advisors – If an organization wishes to change its advisor, it must submit a formal request in writing prior to any change taking effect to the office of Student Organizations. The office will confirm the individual’s eligibility to serve and update the organization’s records accordingly.

Membership Requirements

  • Minimum of 3 members – Organizations must maintain an active membership of at least eight (3) students each long semester. If an organization falls below the necessary minimum membership, it shall have three (3) probationary long semesters in which to increase its membership to 3. During this time, certain restrictions may be placed on the organization.

  • Minimum of 3 officers – Organizations shall have no fewer than three (3) student officers appointed at all times. These must include a chief executive officer, a chief financial officer and at least one additional officer as provided by the organization's university-approved constitution/bylaws.

  • Membership eligibility – An organization may not have any person as a member who is neither an enrolled student nor a faculty/staff member of UTA.


  • University Debts – An organization with financial debt to the university that is past due will become temporarily inactive until it can provide record of payment in full.

  • Accounting procedures – The receipt of dues, fees, and other income or property by registered student organizations and any disbursements shall be kept as records of the organization and under the supervision of the advisor of the organization. These records shall be subject to audit by officials of the university at any time (HOP 10-603).

  • Profit/Loss Reporting –

    • Each student organization shall submit a record of its fundraising activities prior to the end of each long semester. The record shall be a complete report showing total fundraising expenditures and income for that reporting period.

    • Reports must be certified as complete by the organization's treasurer (or other equivalent/designated officer) and the faculty/staff advisor. The form can be accessed online on the MavOrgs Forms Page.

Rules and Regulations

  • Organizations must also – 

    • Abide and agree to follow all rules and regulations of the institution.

    • Abide by the rules set forth in the organization’s university-approved constitution/bylaws.

    • Utilize university facilities for purposes other than as authorized.