View the policies and procedures for managing funds as a student organization.

On-Campus Banking

All student organizations are eligible to open a campus account to hold organizational monies. These accounts are maintained by UT Arlington’s Student Accounts (Bursar), located in the University Administration Building. There is no banking fee associated with these accounts.

Signature Cards - Form that contains signatures of student organization officers/advisors authorized to make purchases and withdraw monies from an on-campus student organizations account.

On-Campus Account Instructions

Payment Approval Vouchers

Must be completed when withdrawing cash from a student organization account or when an organization needs to transfer money to a department or pay a debt owed to the university. Organizations may also request a check be sent to a vendor.

Detailed instructions on completing this form can be found in the Student Organization Office in UC, B160.

If check is needed, it must be turned in at least 2 weeks prior.  

Statement of Accounts

Each month, the Office of Student Organizations provides a statement of accounts in your MavOrgs organization page if there has been recent activity. For further information regarding your account activity, please reach out to the Office of Student Accounts. 

Funds & Debts

Profit/Loss Reports

This required report must detail an organization’s revenue and expenses for the semester, ultimately showing what their net profit/loss is. Membership dues, admission fees collected, sales, donations, etc. must be included. It is due each long semester by the last day of classes.

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Outstanding Debts

If an organization is past due on any debts to an office of the University, the organization will be placed on temporary inactive status pending payment of their debts. No organization or group, whether registered or not, may use the facilities of any institution as long as it owes a monetary debt to the institution and the debt is considered delinquent by the crediting institutional agency (Office of Student Accounts).

Student Debts Policy

Program Assistance Fund

Looking for a way to fund travel to a conference or your next campus-wide event? Student Government has funding available for registered student organizations. These are supplemental funds that organizations may apply for in three areas: educational programs, activities, or travel. Applications are available online and in the Student Government offices, Suite B160 in the Lower Level of the University Center. Contact the Student Congress Chief Justice with any questions.

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Organizations who are active and in good standing* will be allowed to use a $100.00** per organization, per academic year towards printing.

  • *Good Standing – all organization materials have been submitted to Student Organizations, no debt to the University, risk management completion.

  • **Not an actual cash value; can only be used for Student Organization printing through the Student Organizations Office.

To ensure the success of this program there are some rules that must be followed.

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Student Organization Awards

Earn up to $500 for your organization - This award program recognizes organizations which have shown excellence in serving their members, the University, and/or the community. Each organization is considered on the basis of its merits and unique qualities. These awards are given in the Spring semester and come with a plaque and monetary award.

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RSOs may raise funds for their group through limited solicitations and sales of goods/services as well as collect charitable donations for non-profit causes (Policy SL-SO-PO-06 & Policy GA-PA-PR-01)