Student Organization Space Reservation & Resources (SOSRR)

The following are resources and policies to assist you with planning events and activities on campus as a Student Organization. While much of this resource serves as policy or reference it is designed to be a reference and does not constitute the complete comprehensive policies and in many cases references the Student Organization Handbook or University Handbook of Operating Procedures. If you have questions or need assistance with any of the information provided here please contact Student Organizations via email at

Last Modified: 8/22/2023

The Student Organizations office may limit the frequency of reservations for each person or organization to ensure reasonable access for all persons and organizations desiring to use amplified sound on weekdays. Volume level restrictions may apply for all amplified sound. Use of amplified sound on evenings and weekends requires advance permission from Student Organizations.

The Student Organizations Office reserves the right to prescribe rules concerning scheduling, sound levels, the location of speakers and direction in which they are pointed, and other rules to facilitate the use of weekday, weekend, and evening amplified sound areas, to mediate any conflict with University functions and other nearby activities, and to manage environmental impact. All such rules shall be reasonable and nondiscriminatory. Persons and organizations using amplified sound are responsible for maintaining a passageway for pedestrians that is adequate to the volume of pedestrian traffic through the area.

  • General Rule – 12:00-1:00 p.m. on M, W, F
  • Library Mall All Zones – 12:00-1:00 p.m. on M, W, F – (Boundaries include the space between the Central Library, Cooper Street, University Hall and Science Building)
  • University Center Mall Center Zone – 12:00-1:00 p.m. on M, W, F and 8:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. Weekends
  • University Center Mall East Zone - 12:00-1:00 p.m. on M, W, F and 5:00 – 10:00 p.m. Weekdays and 8:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. on Weekends
  • University Center Mall West Zone - 12:00-1:00 p.m. on M, W, F and 8:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. Sa, Su
  • Brazos Park – 12:00 – 11:00 p.m. Weekdays and 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Weekends
  • Engineering Mall - 12:00-1:00 p.m. on M, W, F and 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Weekends
  • Commons Mall - 12:00-1:00 p.m. on M, W, F and 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Weekends (Between the Commons and the Maverick Activities Center)
  • West Lawn MAC – 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Daily (Grassy area between the Maverick Activities Center and tennis courts)
  • College Park Center Green - 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Daily

Indoors - Sufficient to be heard throughout the room however my not be disruptive outside the room

Daily is intended to represent - M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su
Weekdays – M, T, W, Th, F
Weekends – Sa, Su

Last Modified: 8/22/2023

All sales must be registered with the Student Organizations Office. Sales of shelf-stable prepackaged food items do not require an Outside Food Verification Form provided they are otherwise authorized.

Last Modified:4/10/2024

  • Outdoor Spaces managed by
    • Student Organizations:
      • Brazos Park
      • Library Mall
      • University Center Mall
      • Engineering Quadrangle and Mall
      • Architecture Courtyard
      • The Green at College Park
      • Arlington Hall Mall

    • Campus Recreation:
      • MAC West Lawn
      • Doug Russell
      • Field Complex

  • For Departmental outdoor reservations - Mazevo

Last Modified: 8/22/2023

Campus Dining Services has the responsibility to provide food and beverage service on campus. However, if you choose to source food for your event from another restaurant or caterer, authorization must be requested in advance by submitting an Outside Food Verification Form to the UC Operations Office at least fourteen (14) class days in advance of your event (except for bake sales and potlucks). The restaurant or caterer you select to provide the food must be approved in advance. Visit to view a list of authorized food vendors.

Last Modified: 8/22/2023

Organizations may, under certain conditions, receive contributions from individuals, businesses or agencies. If your organization is holding an event at which a significant amount of the funds are being donated consult with the Student Organizations Office for procedures regarding acceptance and recognition. Otherwise, if your organization is receiving a donation or items or a sponsorship to host and event or activity your organization can display a sign or banner to say “Thank you to our Sponsors” or recognizing those that helped to make the event possible.

Donors are to be made aware that their contribution is toward the organization and not to the university. Further, the organization must provide its own, not the university’s, tax ID number (EIN) on W-9 forms and other tax forms. Donations to the organization are usually not tax-deductible unless the organization has been granted tax-exempt status by the IRS under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Student Organizations Office can provide a letter explaining the registered status/standing of the organization upon request.

Last Modified: 9/21/2023

It is the responsibility of UTA to maintain an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning and to personal and professional growth. It is the intent of the University to establish practices and procedures that discourage irresponsible use of alcoholic beverages and to ensure compliance with state laws by all individuals on University property or property under the control of the University. In furtherance of this responsibility and intent, the consumption, possession, service, and sale of alcoholic beverages on University property is prohibited except in approved circumstances.

Off-Campus - A student organization holding an off-campus event at which alcohol will be available may consult with university staff in the Student Organizations Office prior to the event. The office of Student Organizations may review information and share resources for best practices.

When holding off-campus events, including those in which alcohol is available, please remember that your student organization is responsible for compliance with the University Student Handbook and with all city, state, and local laws. In addition, student organizations should comply with policies and procedures of their national organization or charter issuing organization if applicable. For more information about the state law, go to In addition, your student organization can be held accountable for violations of the student code of conduct.

On-Campus - The use of beverages with alcohol is prohibited on University property, which includes classroom buildings, laboratories, auditoriums, library buildings, museums, faculty and administrative offices, intercollegiate and intramural athletic facilities and all other public campus areas unless approved circumstances. Meetings or events organized and presented by registered faculty, staff, or student organizations are prohibited from the use of alcoholic beverages. For further information, please see UTA Policies and Procedures. Exclusions to this are referenced in the UTA Tailgate Policy.

Last Modified: 8/22/2023

Exhibits include an object or collection of related objects, designed to stand on the ground or on a raised surface, that is not a table and that is designed for temporary display and is not permanently attached to the ground. An A-frame sign is an exhibit.

Online event registration via MavOrgs should be submitted (department requests made directly in Mazevo) indicating the exhibit’s purpose and description must be completed in order to reserve space for an exhibit. Plans for the exhibit including materials, dimensions, and/or diagrams and method of construction must be provided to the Student Organizations Office at least five (5) class days in advance of the exhibit.

The location of an exhibit must not interfere with the free and unimpeded flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic (including those with visual impairments) on sidewalks, streets, and places of entrance and exit from buildings. In order to guarantee that adequate space and to reduce potential hazards/obstructions, the Student Organizations Office may specify the location of an exhibit based on its size, materials and structural quality.

The name of the organization or university unit sponsoring the exhibit must be clearly and conspicuously labeled at all times. Additionally, the exhibit must be attended to at all times by members or delegated representatives of the sponsoring organization.

Exhibits are be removed at the end of each day and may be re-erected each morning for a specified number of days up to a maximum of fourteen (14) days. University academic and administrative departments may request special permission for an exhibit to remain standing overnight or to be unattended. The organization is responsible for cleaning up all litter or materials from the exhibit by the end of each day.

Last Modified: 9/21/2023

Student organizations may sponsor slide shows or films on campus provided they comply with all copyright regulations. This policy means that student organizations must obtain permission from the individuals who own the rights to the film prior to showing the film. This also applies to virtual movie night events on campus. Student organizations should not utilize streaming platforms (Netflix, Hulu etc.) or video conferencing platforms (Zoom etc.) to show films on campus. For more information about obtaining rights to films, refer to and

Last Modified: 8/22/2023

There are several ways Student Organizations can fund the events and activities they do. One common way is through the Program Assistance Fund. These are supplemental funds that organizations may apply for in two areas: educational programs/activities or travel. Applications and more information are available online at

Last Modified: 8/22/2023

Registered student organizations often need to raise funds on campus. It is important that organizations realize the importance of being recognized as educational entities and the need to direct their solicitations toward charitable causes—either inside the organization, the University, or the community- at-large. A registered student organization may advertise or sell merchandise, publications, food and other goods.

Last Modified: 8/22/2023

Fun run events are a great way event to do to raise money and/or engage your audience around a cause or issue. Registration of a Fun Run or 5K around campus requires the registration of multiple outdoor spaces that are used for people to run/walk through and often to host the start or finish line.

Last Modified: 8/22/2023

Grilling on campus is a common way for an organization to prepare food or raise funds. Grilling is only permitted in designated locations and must involve the completion of a grilling permit through the Environmental Health and Safety office.

Campus Dining Services has the primary responsibility to provide food and beverage service on the campus; however, it is understood that from time to time, registered student organizations may wish to conduct food sales as fundraising activities. Individual organizations may conduct such sales for a maximum of (10) ten days each long semester. Events involving the sale of any outside food items must be approved in advance. Outside Food Verification forms must be completed two weeks (14 days) before the event.

Last Modified: 8/22/2023

One of the most common types of events sponsored by student organizations as well as faculty and staff organizations involves an off-campus speaker. This individual is either used to address group membership or the campus-at-large. Individuals may not host guest speakers.

Guest speakers may be presented at an indoor or fixed outdoor location as permitted by venue rules and restrictions. The speaker event including name of speaker and purpose of speech must be registered with the Student Organizations Office at least five (5) class days prior to the event.

Last Modified: 8/25/2023

MavOrgs is the name of the website used to manage student organization data, registrations and event submissions. In addition to tools MavOrgs offers to support our Student Organization community it provides tools to help your organization. With tools like Event Pass, Elections, Service Hours, Document Libraries and more MavOrgs can be a useful way for your organization to manage communication and organizational effectiveness. MavOrgs is a product called Engage provided by the company Anthology and offers a wide assortment of support and training available here

Last Modified: 8/22/2023

  1. Visit and sign in using your UTA NetID and password.
  2. Navigate to the Events Tool within your organization and select Create Event.
  3. Once submitted your faculty/staff advisor(s) will receive a notification to review the event. (Your advisor must log in and approve your submission within 2 days.)
  4. The Student Organizations Office will review your event for final registration.
  5. Once registered, your event will now be able to be managed online to update any changes or modifications.

If your event takes place on-campus, we will forward your request to the appropriate university administrative office who will contact you concerning your space reservation. Please be patient as this will take 2-4 days following your event submission. Also note that submitting an event on MavOrgs is just the first step toward reserving your space. You’ll want to receive a reservation confirmation from the management office of the room or space you wish to use prior to moving ahead with your event plans.

Control access to who in your organization can create events on behalf of the organization. To learn how to grant permission to manage an organizations events by the primary contact officer or advisor access the event tool outlined here.


Event requests must be made at least 5* class days in advance to allow for review, registration and reservation. To view the full process from start to finish, check out the flow chart.

*Virtual and off-campus events less than 25 miles from campus, those that do not require additional review, reservation and/or additional risk assessment MAY be reserved if submitted less than 5 days. However, the request must allow time for both your advisor and our office to properly review.

Online Event Registration Flowchart

Last Modified: 8/22/2023

If your event requires reserved parking or will in some way affect parking on campus, you must coordinate your planning with Parking and Transportation Services. They can help you in preparing for any special event held on campus. The online Special Event Parking Form should be submitted as soon as possible prior to the event, but it must be submitted at least five (5) business days prior.

Parking arrangements for chartered buses and large vehicles that will impact traffic must also be coordinated with Parking and Transportation Services and UTA Police. Email at,, 817-272-3907

Last Modified: 8/22/2023

Poker and/or Casino night events are only permitted if each participant has an equal chance to win—it cannot be a “pay per play” set up and the outcome cannot be based on the participants’ skill or performance. To conduct this type of event in keeping with state laws and University policy, your organization would need to charge a one-price admission fee to all participants. Prizes can be awarded to those that are participating; however, these prizes cannot be cash. If your organization is planning an event such as casino night, raffle “chance drawing,” or poker tournament, you should meet with the Student Organizations Office.

Last Modified: 8/25/2023

UTA supports and encourages the promotion of all sanctioned campus events and activities as a critical part of a thriving university community. At the same time, we recognize that an attractive physical environment is vital to the overall advancement of the university.

Therefore, it is essential that printed posters, signs, notices and other materials distributed on campus be in good taste and posted in a manner that does not detract from the physical appearance of the campus, block walkways, or damage buildings or other surfaces.

To ensure maximum publicity for events, while maintaining campus integrity, the following guidelines apply:

All signs that are to be posted on a bulletin board or other designated location that is not administered by a university academic or administrative department must be date-stamped by the Student Organizations Office. A Posting Location Guide outlining approved posting locations for signs and banners can be found on the Student Organizations webpage and in the Student Organizations Office. All improperly posted signs are subject to removal.

Posted signs must:

  1. Display the full name of the sponsoring/endorsing university department or organization
  2. Bear a posting approval date stamp of the Student Organizations Office (leave a blank/content free area of 2 × 2 inches at the bottom-right- corner)Only contain information pertaining to a sponsored event, activity, or service useful to the campus community
  3. Comply with the university’s Policy on Free Speech, Expression, and Assembly.

However, the following classes of signs may be posted without the Student Organizations Office’ approval stamp under the following conditions:

  1. Academic and administrative units of the university may post signs to bulletin boards in academic buildings which they manage provided that the name of the sponsoring unit appears on the sign
  2. Signs posted to bulletin boards administered by a university academic or administrative unit. The controlling unit must post on or near each bulletin board or other designated location that it administers (1) either the rules applicable to that bulletin board or location or (2) a particular office or website where the rules applicable to that bulletin board or location may conveniently be found.
  3. Students running for office during a student election may post signs in designated locations as specified in the Student Government election code.

Sign Specifications

The following specifications shall be authorized for posted signs unless otherwise excepted by the director of student organizations.


  • Standard is 8.5 x 11 inches or any sign smaller than or equal to 11 x 17 inches is considered a flyer.
  • Flyers to be displayed to campus will be limited to fifty (50)* per event and a maximum of ten (10) class days for registered student organizations and thirty (30) calendar days for UTA academic or administrative units.
    *Additional flyers may be posted in residential buildings if authorized by the Department of Apartment & Residence Life.

Outdoor Banners:

  • Outdoor banners must be at least 12 × 14 inches in scale but no larger than 4 × 6 ft. and affixed with removable tape to designated outdoor locations. Banners in excess of these sizes require special permission from the director.
  • A limit of six (6) are permitted per event and a maximum of ten (10) class days for registered student organizations and thirty (30) calendar days for UTA academic or administrative units.

Personal Notices:

  • Standard size is an is 8 × 5 in. card (or a half-sheet of letter paper) but no larger than 8½ × 11 in.
  • A maximum of ten (10) cards or half-sheets are permitted or up to two (2) letter sheets.
  • A maximum of thirty (30) calendar days is permitted.

Table Tents:

  • Placement of literature or table tents on dining tables in the E.H. Hereford University Center and The Commons must be approved by the Student Organizations Office
  • Only registered organizations and university departments may place table tents on University Center tables.
  • Table tents must bear the approval date-stamp of the Student Organizations Office; up to ten (10) class days for student organizations and up to thirty (30) class days for departments.
  • Table tents must be constructed of a substantially sturdy material and able to remain in decent condition for the duration of the posting period and should be no taller than 6 inches in height.
  • Table tents will be limited to fifty (50) per event. No more than one tent should be placed on a table at a time. This may necessitate the reduction in the number of table tents. Outdated literature will be removed promptly.


Last Modified: 8/22/2023

The freedoms of speech, expression and assembly are fundamental rights of all persons and are central to the mission of the University. Students, faculty and staff have the right to assemble, to speak, and to attempt to attract the attention of others and corresponding rights to hear the speech of others when they choose to listen, and to ignore the speech of others when they choose not to listen. To ensure that such activity does not disrupt the regular academic and institutional programs, we request that notification of intended use of a mall area be given to the Student Organizations Office. Any person using or occupying a room or space without a reservation must yield control of the room or space in time to permit any organization with a reservation to begin using the space promptly at the beginning of its reserved time. Events at which amplified sound will be present require a reservation of University space (HOP Sec. 11-301 et seq.).

University persons and organizations may respond to the speech, expression, or assembly of others. However, responders may not damage or deface signs or exhibits, disrupt public assemblies, block the view of participants, or prevent speakers from being heard.

Means of response that are permitted in many locations and without advance permission or reservation, distribution of literature, and public assembly without amplified sound, may be used immediately and in any location authorized in this policy.

Means of response that require advance permission or reservation, such as banners, A-frames, exhibits, and amplified sound, may be used as soon as the needed permission or reservation may be arranged. Banner space and some amplified sound areas may be unavailable on short notice because of earlier reservations, but the Student Organizations Office shall expedite approval of A-frames, and available banner space and amplified sound areas where necessary to permit appropriate response to other speech, assembly, or expression.

Means of response that are confined to authorized locations, such as banners and amplified sound, may be used only in those locations. It is not possible to respond to amplified sound with amplified sound in the same location; similarly, if an exhibit or public assembly is in a location where amplified sound is not permitted, it is not possible to respond with amplified sound in that location. In either case, it is possible to respond with amplified sound in another location and to use signs or distribution of literature to advertise the response at the other location.

Last Modified: 9/21/2023

These activities can be conducted by a student organization twice per calendar year (according to the Charitable Raffle Enabling Act, effective January 1, 1990.) The raffle tickets should have the name of the organization, the price of the ticket, contact information, and a general description of the prize (if the prize to be awarded is over $10.) The prize cannot be money. Only members of the organization can sell the tickets. Visit the Attorney General of Texas’ website for more tips and information:

Last Modified: 1/25/2024

Student Organizations may reserve spaces on campus; however, they have restrictions on how far in advance a reservation can be made. During each long semester, an “opening day” is published. That is the date when reservations can be submitted for the University Center, The Commons, Maverick Activities Center, Outdoor spaces, UC Display Cases, and Plaza Banners for the next semester. Academic classrooms are not available for reservation until the census date of the current semester.

Last Modified: 8/22/2023

Police Department | 817-272-3381 | 700 S. Davis St.

The UTA Police Department serves the students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The university’s police are peace officers licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and provide a variety of services in addition to university policy and law enforcement. UTAPD has jurisdiction to provide security for student organization events and activities which will take place on campus. If your event involves large crowds, high profile guest speakers, or other factors necessitate security, you should meet with the police department at least 30 days prior to the event to make these arrangements. Your organization will be financially responsible for services provided by UTA PD whether they are coordinated in advance by your group or if they are deemed necessary by UTA PD to maintain safety and security.

Last Modified: 07/2020

• All sidewalk writing must be registered in advance at the Office of Student Organizations. These are generally limited to the UC Mall, Library Mall, and Engineering Mall/Quad

• Each organization will be allowed to request up to five campus sidewalk areas for chalking. These areas will generally be limited to mall areas. 

• Sidewalk writing must be done with water-soluble chalk only.

• Sidewalk writing must advertise upcoming campus events.

• Sidewalk writing will be limited to sidewalks only. 

• No writing will be allowed on buildings, bridges, or steps. 

• No chalk writing will be allowed in any building.

• All other sign policy regulations will apply to sidewalk writing.

• No chalking in front of the Maverick Activities Center. 

Click this document to learn more about sidewalk chalking areas and guidelines.

Last Modified: 07/11/2023

University persons and University organizations may set up tables and exhibits from which to display literature, disseminate information and, opinions, and raise funds, subject to the rules in this policy, this procedure, and to the general rules in UTA Policy CO-UF-PO-01 University Facilities Use. No advance permission is required, but is recommended to ensure space is available and not reserved for another entity or organization. Those holding reservations will have priority. See GA-PA-PR-01 for complete list of table permissions and restrictions.

Zone Maps:


Last Modified: 8/22/2023

Timeline for required approval of specific activities can vary due to the complexity of the event or request. Generally, for all event and space reservations a minimum of 5 days is needed to process event reservations.

Last Modified: 8/22/2023

Student organizations travel for many purposes: philanthropy, retreats, conferences, competitions and more. Travel is a great opportunity for your organization to strengthen bonds between members, network, and explore the world together. However, it is important to remember that travel is a high-risk activity. 

All student organizations who are engaging in an event or trip that takes place overnight and or involves travel more than 25 miles from the UTA Campus are required to register their travel. UTA travel policies are based on federal and state law, and designed to ensure that student organizations adequately consider and plan for the safety concerns associated with an event or activity involving travel. There are specific steps students must take before they travel depending on their travel destination. Reference for policy and forms