Posting Policy

Do It Right

Publicity is often the key to the success of programs planned by organizations. Due to the frequency of events on campus, the following rules are provided in order to allow all departments and organizations adequate space to advertise.

Posting of Signs

All signs that are to be posted on a bulletin board or other designated location that is not administered by a university academic or administrative department must be date-stamped by the Office of Student Organizations.

A Posting Location Guide document outlining approved posting locations for signs and banners can be found online and in the Office of Student Organizations.

Posting Location Guidelines


Posted signs must:

1. display the full name of the sponsoring/endorsing university department or organization.

2. bear a posting approval date stamp of the Office of Student Organizations (leave a white/blank square of 2 x 2 inches at the bottom right corner)

3. Contain information pertaining to a sponsored event, activity or useful service.

Plaza Banner/Display Case Reservations

Looking for a great way to spread the word about your organization’s programs and events? Promote your organization with a Plaza Banner or Display Case in the UC.
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