Annual Awards

Award recipients posing together and mavving up.

About Our Awards

These awards recognize those registered student organizations which have shown excellence in serving their members, the University, and/or the community. Each includes a plaque, a monetary award and recognition for each category winner. Applications are accepted in the spring semester of each academic year. Each application will be considered on its merits with regards to the unique qualities of its category.

2023-2024 recipients

  1. Advancement of Females in Medicine

    Outstanding Student Organization

  2. Delta Upsilon

    Collaboration of the Year

  3. Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students

    Collaboration of the Year

  4. Zeta Tau Alpha

    Collaboration of the Year

  5. La Sociedad Hispánica

    Most Spirited Student Organization

  6. Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

    Outstanding Contribution to the Greater Community

  7. Intelligent Transportation Society

    New Student Organization of the Year

  8. Kat Hamilton and Katie Rogers - Mavericks with Disabilities

    Officer of the Year

  9. Stacy Shelton - Delta Upsilon

    Advisor of the Year

Outstanding Student Organization ($500)

Recognizes the student organization that demonstrated consistent flexibility, initiative, creativity, and dedication. Made a meaningful contribution to students, the University, and/or the surrounding community. Organized activities, events, and programs that have had a significant impact on the quality of campus life at UT Arlington.

Most Spirited Student Organization ($200)

Recognizes the student organization that best displayed spirit for its organization and UT Arlington. Demonstrated Maverick pride and strived to enhance the campus community through support of University traditions, events, and The Maverick Way.

Outstanding Contribution to the Greater Community ($200)

Recognizes a student organization that made a meaningful contribution to the surrounding community through service. Addressed an existing problem, was committed to working with and for others, and successfully inspired and motivated others to act. All applicants in this category should note this is for off campus/community programming.

New Student Organization of the Year ($200)

Recognizes a recently established student organization that became active in the current or previous academic year. This organization has had a significant impact on the campus and contributed to students through its events and activities, throughout the beginning stages of the organization’s conception. The organization has demonstrated maverick pride, teamwork, innovation, and dedication in their first term(s) as a new student organization.

Collaboration of the Year ($150 each)

Recognizes the organizations that intentionally collaborated to execute an event, program, or initiative to enhance the experience of the UTA community or community at large. Up to three organizations may be recognized for this award. Each must be a registered student organization, and each will receive $200.

Advisor of The Year ($350)

Nominate a faculty or staff member who has served in an outstanding capacity as advisor to a registered student organization. It is also our goal to recognize outstanding service by advisors to their organizations. Along with the Student Organization Awards, this award will include a monetary remuneration of $350.00 and a plaque. This remuneration is added to the employee's compensation and is subject to federal tax and withholding requirements.

Organization Officer of the Year ($100)

Nominated by the Faculty/Staff Advisor this award recognizes a registered student organization officer who made an outstanding contribution to their organization through leadership, dedication, and passion.