The Follett Student Leadership Center

Inspire others. Elevate your influence. Learn to lead at your full potential.
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About us

The Follett Student Leadership Center at The University of Texas at Arlington can help you become an individual who affects change in their community through programs, workshops, and retreats, and our leadership minor. Our goal is to create leaders who are relational in their approach, who educate themselves to be global citizens, and who strive to apply their leadership skills within communities and affect change around their world.

Our Mission

Our offices seek to create a student-centered learning environment allowing students to explore the dimensions of leadership through a process of education, practice, reflection, and self-discovery.


Meet our staff

Our staff is eager to empower students and prepare them to become change agents in their communities. Each day they work to guide students and coach them through the successes and challenges of their leadership journey.

Meet our student leaders

Our student leaders are the heart of our department. They are influencers on campus who learn and grow in their positions as they lead members of their organizations to become stronger more impactful community members.


Student with a mega phone at Freshmen leaders on campus event


The Follett Student Leadership Center is a part of Involvement and Engagement, which executes programs to engage students, enhance their campus experience and develop skills to foster success. Head on over to their website to discover other departments and ways to get involved.

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Maverick Advantage

The Maverick Advantage program prepares students for their future careers through experiential learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

Student Experience

At The University of Texas at Arlington, success is found all over campus. Your story could be next.

Meet Adriana -

Adriana Guerra

Thanks to FLOC, I learned leadership skills and how an organization functioned.

View Adriana's Story

Meet Maitri -

Maitri Patel

FSLC has been a huge part of my college path and it has helped me grow into a leader.

View Maitri's Story

Meet Elizabeth -

Elizabeth Rodriguez

My freshmen year I joined the Leadership Honors Program, and the first thing I participated in was UTA's Oozeball tradition.

View Elizabeth's Story

Meet Umarae -

Umarae Ogans

The highlight of my time at UTA has been my week in Atlanta Georgia for alternative breaks. 

View Umarae's Story

Meet Vivian -

Vivian Martinez

It'd have to be my time during FLOC, where I was able to gain new friends, learn leadership skills, and become more involved within UTA.

View Vivian's Story

Meet Surya -

Surya Achanta

I have been involved in numerous leadership roles in Student Government, the Leadership Center, as an RA, the Actuarial Science Club and in ATO.

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Meet Drew -

Drew Chan

Being part of the FSLC student leaders was my most memorable experience at UTA.

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Meet Emily -

Emily Salas

My most memorable experience is joining FLOC. FLOC is more than a leadership organization, it is an organization where you can find yourself.

View Emily's Story