Before the Event

Prepare to express! Here are some tips on people and organizations you can reach out to before an event.

Social Media

Start talking about what's going on and begin to build support and/or discussion around your ideas and/or opposition.

The Shorthorn

Contact The Shorthorn to write a story about the issue to draw attention, or write letters to the editor to help shape your position and support.

Student Organizations

Review a list of student organizations on MavOrgs and reach out to those you believe would have an interest in the topic. Having many groups with one voice strengthens your position and can lead to greater influence.

Student Government

Reach out to a student senator or elected representative to write a resolution in support of your position or in opposition to the issue you disagree.


Start a petition to send to UTA, state, local and/or federal officials to communicate the vast support that exists for your position.


Organize a teach-in using the expertise of our own faculty or other key individuals you may know to create an informal lecture or discussion around the important topic.

Schedule a meeting

Determine who from the university is the best person to address or express your concerns and schedule a meeting with them. There is often an administrative or academic office that can hear and respond directly to your specific questions.


Review the type of event and think through what type of proactive steps can be taken to support UTA students. Should signs and flyers be made in advance? Should you contact the Dean of Students Office to help coordinate counseling or support professionals to be present to assist students?

Want to get Involved?

Involvement and Engagement has all the best was to get involved on and around campus. Learn how you can make friends, gain skills, volunteer and most of all have fun at UTA.

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