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Check your Faculty Profile

These instructions are provided so you can use the Siteimprove tool to locate misspelled words and broken links on your faculty profile.

From a Chrome browser, navigate to myapps.uta.edu and sign in with your UTA employee credentials. Note: Siteimprove is only dependable in the Chrome browser. You may encounter issues if you use a different browser.

Click on the Siteimprove icon to access the Siteimprove tool. The apps are listed alphabetically, scroll down until you reach the Siteimprove icon and click on it.

Setting up your access to Siteimprove:

  1. If you already have a Siteimprove account and access to your profile report, skip to Step #3.
  2. If this is your first time accessing Siteimprove, when you log into the app initially, you will receive a pop-up window that says “Tell us about yourself”. You may ignore this request.
  3. Contact accessibility@uta.edu and tell us that you logged into Siteimprove and need access to the Faculty Profile report. If you also have department or lab websites, you can request report access for those sites as well.
  4. We will grant your access and reply to your email.
  5. Once we let you know that your access has been granted, log into Siteimprove again through myapps.uta.edu.
  1. Select the Site (shown as #1 below) – University of Texas at Arlington and select the Group (shown as #2 below) – Academics – Faculty Profiles – All – Sitecore. Once you’ve made these two selections, you will see the UTA Siteimprove Dashboard for all of the faculty pages.
  2. From the dashboard above, click on the “Misspellings” button just below the circle with the number of misspellings. On the next screen, click on the “Search for a page” button in the upper, right-hand corner.
  3. Paste into the Search Box the URL for your profile and click on the search button:
  4. You can find the URL of your faculty page by searching your name and then clicking on the search result. The page that shows your photo and headings such as “bio” is the URL to paste into the Siteimprove search box. The URL will look something like this: https://www.uta.edu/academics/faculty/profile?username=xxxxxx.
  5. NOTE – If no results appear, then no errors have been reported and your review is complete. If you update your information in Digital Measures, remember to check your Siteimprove report to find any misspellings or broken links. If your page is listed in the report, click on the webpage link, shown below in the example as Dr. Blaze Maverick – Faculty Profiles – The University of Texas at Arlington.
  6. screenshot of the siteimprove dashboard

  7. When you click on one of the reported URLs, the next view is called the Page Report.
  8. screenshot of search results in siteimprove

  9. In the left-hand pane, you will find up to four pieces of information: A) the date of the report, B) the number of broken links, C) the number of misspellings and D) the number of words to review.
  10. screenshot of a page report in siteimprove

    If you do not have any broken links, misspellings, or words to review, those sections will not appear.

  11. Drill down by clicking one of the buttons in the report pane. You continue clicking on the new information and the error will be highlighted for you on the picture of the webpage.


screenshot in siteimprove

Remember, Siteimprove is only a reporting tool. You cannot make any corrections to your information from Siteimprove. You also can’t hurt anything in Siteimprove, so don’t be afraid to click on the different buttons.

Select the Misspellings button from the Page Report screen.

The user sees words reported as misspelled and where they appear on the page.

Keep in mind that the information you are viewing in Siteimprove is only a report. You cannot make any corrections in Siteimprove. You will need to go to your data in Digital Measures to make the necessary corrections.

When reviewing misspellings, you will have the option to mark the word as approved. Note, in the example used below, we would not approve this word because “University” is misspelled as “Univercity”. However, if the reported word is spelled correctly, click on the wheel icon beside “decision for this issue”, mark the circle to approve the word, mark the circle to apply to “this page only”, and click the “Apply decision” button. This will most often be required for proper names.

screenshot of misspellings report in siteimprove

Words To Review is very similar to the Misspellings experience. Under “Decision for this issue”, you will select either “Approve word” or “Mark as misspelling”. The default selection is “approve word”. You will need to select the other button to declare the word as misspelled and click the “Apply decision” button.

Please note that it will take several days for Siteimprove to update once you’ve made any changes. The date of the Siteimprove report appears at the top of the report pane.

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Please do not hesitate to reach out to accessibility@uta.edu with any questions. You can also reach us through Teams by contacting Laura Hopkins.

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