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Welcome to EIR Accessibility!

Welcome to UTA’s EIR Accessibility website! Here you will find resources to help you develop best practices so that the electronic resources you produce are accessible. This includes websites, Word documents, PowerPoint documents, PDFs and emails. Under the Resources section of this website, you will find training resources and information related to the TAPREQ – Technology Approval Process Request. If you have any questions, please contact us at the link below.

Technology Approval Process (TAPREQ)

The EIR Accessibility Team is one of three approvers through the TAPREQ process. Visit the TAPREQ website for more information.

Accessibility Practices

We have best practices and training classes for you and your staff to learn how to ensure your electronic communications are accessible.

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Accessibility is our specialty

Contact us if you have electronic accessibility questions or concerns related to UTA webpages or electronic resources used here at UTA.

You can reach us by email accessibility@uta.edu or by telephone at 817-272-5961.

For academic accommodation requests, please contact the SAR Center at SARCenter@uta.edu.