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Welcome to UTA’s EIR Accessibility website! Our mission is to help you understand how to ensure that your electronic resources are accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities. We are glad you are visiting our website and we invite you to explore! If you have any questions at all, please contact us!

UTA EIR Accessibility In The News

The 2023 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report® Holistic Student Experience Edition highlighted UTA's VPAT® Scorecard. Contact accessibility@uta.edu for a copy of the EDUCAUSE report, a copy of the Scorecard, or with any other questions.

Training Classes

Technology Approval Process Request (TAPREQ)

The EIR Accessibility Team is one of three approvers through the TAPREQ process. Visit the TAPREQ website for more information.

All Electronic and Information Resources used, developed, procured, prescribed, or changed by, or on behalf of, the university requires an accessibility review. Follow the link above to find out if the review has already been completed or if a TAPREQ submission is required.

TAPREQ Website
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Accessibility is our specialty. Let us help you!

If you find electronic accessibility daunting, please let us demystify it for you! Learn more about accessibility under the Best Practices tab of this website or join our EIR training classes.  Visit OIT Training to register for all EIR classes. Contact us if you have electronic accessibility questions or concerns.

You can reach us by email accessibility@uta.edu or by telephone at 817-272-5961.

For academic accommodation requests, please contact the SAR Center at SARCenter@uta.edu.