To support UTA’s ongoing commitment to providing an inclusive and accessible learning environment for all students, a new tool called Ally has been made available in all Canvas courses.



Ally allows users to download Canvas course files in different formats, such audio or html, allowing users to choose a version of the file most appropriate for their device and need. Simply click the download icon Download Icon in canvas (black downwards arrow) next to course files in Canvas and select “Alternative Formats.

Watch this video for a quick demonstration. For a complete description of the Alternative Formats available, refer to this guide. For help with Ally, visit “Ally Help for Students.”



Ally will scan a course in Canvas and provide guidance to instructors on how to improve and correct accessibility issues with their digital course content. Ally will also automatically generate “alternative formats” of course files and make them available to instructors and students. This allows all users to choose a version of the file most appropriate for their device and need.


Faculty Training & Resources


See below for instructor resources including training videos, guides, and Ally help.

UTA’s Center for Distance Education hosts Ally training for instructors. Visit the CDE Training website for information about scheduled Ally trainings.

Specialized College and/or Departmental Ally training is available by request. Email requests to

Canvas course for faculty. Accessibility in Your Course





Feedback and Guidance for Instructors in Canvas




Instructor Feedback

Accessibility Checklist

Accessibility Indicator

In-Browser Document Preview

Export a Word Doc as a Tagged PDF

Add Alternative Description for Image Files

Add Headers to your Data Tables in Word

Add Headings to a Word Document

Add Descriptions to Power Point Images

View All File Accessibility Issues

Ally Course Accessibility Report 



Ally Help for Instructors


Accessibility Resources

UTA Student Access & Resource Center

FAQ for Instructors and Current Students

UTA Electronic and Information Resources (EIR) Accessibility

Echo360 Lecture Capture