Technical Support FAQs

Please review the list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

General Support FAQs

Canvas 24/7 support can assist with most questions regarding Canvas-specific components. Examples include assignments, quizzes, discussions, Canvas Conferences, group creation, notification settings, Canvas inbox, and Canvas Studio. Issues that cannot be resolved by Canvas support are escalated to CDE.

Users may update their Canvas profiles to include an image, add a contact email, edit notification settings and more. Please review the Canvas profile guide for more information.

Note: Your UTA email cannot be removed from your profile and should be listed as the default email.

If you receive an error when uploading a screen recording to Studio, you may be able to locate the original recording by following the steps below:

  • Start a "fake" screen recording
  • Stop the "fake" screen recording
  • Ignore the "save" prompts
  • Click the "Back to Recordings" link in the upper left corner of the screen recorder frame
  • Locate the recording in the manage recordings frame

Additional details are available in the Canvas Community.

Faculty FAQs

TAs will need to be assigned to courses in MyMav by the department before they will gain access to the course in Canvas. Please contact your department for more information.

Due to FERPA regulations, instructors may not add a user to a course that would have access to the gradebook. CDE staff will need to add users to courses in these roles after receiving permission from department leadership. TAs should be assigned in MyMav. Students should only be added if they are making up an Incomplete. 

OIT will no longer merge Teams classrooms. If you cross-list courses in Canvas, a corresponding Teams Class may be created from the parent course. All student enrollments will be included in the Teams class.

Courses in Canvas may be cross-listed (merged) for ease of teaching and management. Prior to attempting to cross-list, ensure that you are assigned to each course as the instructor. Follow the steps in the Cross-listing Tool guide to complete the process.

This issue typically occurs after a course copy. Following a course copy, instructors will need to access the Lockdown Browser dashboard once before students take exams. This establishes the link between the new course and Respondus.

If students begin reporting the error during their first exam, instructors will need to click the Lockdown Browser link on the course menu and then open the Lockdown Browser dashboard. Students should then be able to access and complete the exam.

For more information, please review the Respondus knowledge article.

Instructors may view student page view and participation data using the Reports feature in New Analytics. Participation data indicates a submission.

1. Navigate to New Analytics

2. Click the Reports tab

3. Scroll to Course Activity and click the Run Report button

4. For all results, click Run Report - note that the time to run the report will depend on the amount of data in the course.

5. Click the Filter button to narrow the results by Date, Section Name, or Student Name

6. To review results for a specific student, click Student Name and then click the appropriate name in the drop-down list

7. Click Run Report

8. Open or Save the CSV file

*Note that activity data is up to 24 hours old. 

Student FAQs

Prior to beginning an exam requiring Lockdown Browser, please check for updates to ensure you are using the latest version.

1. Open Respondus Lockdown Browser

2. For Windows: click the "i" icon

    For Mac: click the globe icon

3. Click Check for Update or Newer Version

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install and run the new version