Managing Your Course

Beginning of the Semester

All course sections will have an automatically-created empty course shell. This is your “official" course shell. The course shell will be available during the semester prior to its being taught provided you have been assigned to that section in MyMav as described on the MyMav Policies page.

Upload Syllabus

Upload your syllabus in Canvas using the Upload Syllabus tool. This will ensure that your syllabus transmits to Digital Measures and your faculty profile. Note that you will need to upload your syllabus to each course section prior to cross-listing (merging) sections.

Course Duplication

Rather than uploading new files and creating new assignments and quizzes each semester, Canvas allows you to copy content and course structure from one course shell to another. You can transfer a course from one semester to the next, or transfer one course into multiple sections. Review the Course Copy instructions.

Publish Your Course

You may publish your course to students up to two weeks prior to the official start date of the session.

Shadow Instructor Request

If you would like to add shadow instructors to your course, please see the Shadow Instructor Request page.

Submitting Grades

Grades are extracted from Canvas according to the official Registrar's Schedule. Review the Grade Extract page for more details.

Course Archives

You will have access to course shells for the previous two years on the LMS. This is in accordance with UTA's data retention policies. Courses older than two years will be deleted from the system. If you wish to retain a copy of the course for your records, please create an Export file.