Grade Extract

About Grade Extract

Grades are extracted from Canvas and transmitted to MyMav based on the official grade report schedule managed by the Office of Admissions, Records and Registration (ARR). Final grades are extracted for all courses. Certain courses may also need to report 4th Week and Midterm grades. If your course is in this category, an indicator will appear on your MyMav class roster.

Grade Extract from Canvas

Custom grade columns entitled MyMav 4th Week, MyMav Midterm, and MyMav Final have been created in all Canvas courses. Grades are extracted only from these columns and transmitted to MyMav based on the official schedule. An additional column has been added entitled MyMav Attendance. This column is used to input the reason code when assigning a grade of 'F'. No other information should be added to the MyMav Attendance column.

Please review the instructions for using the Canvas Grade Extract.

Sync from Canvas

In the event that you miss the grade extraction, a Sync from Canvas button will be available in your MyMav Grade Roster. The button is available at the discretion of ARR. The Sync button initiates a process that retrieves grades from the MyMav columns in your Canvas course and posts them to your MyMav grade roster.

Please be aware that only courses with less than 100 students should use the Sync button. Functionality cannot be guaranteed for larger courses. Grades for larger courses that missed the extract will need to be input directly into MyMav.

Please review the instructions for using the Sync from Canvas button.

Important Considerations

  • Grades will be extracted only from the official MyMav Columns that are pushed to your course
  • Grades must be entered as letters
  • Ensure you are posting grades in the appropriate MyMav column (i.e. grades entered in the Midterm column will not be posted during Final grade collection)
  • Ensure that only official 'F' grade reason codes are entered into the MyMav Attendance column
  • Instructors in large courses (over 100 students) are advised to use the Grade Extract
  • Verify grades are correct in MyMav prior to approving your roster