MyMav Policies

MyMav Policies

This page covers policies regarding the integration of MyMav and Canvas.  Please note that this information is subject to change.

Canvas course shells for all UT Arlington credit courses are automatically created for all sections that are officially listed in the MyMav Schedule of Classes, one semester prior to being offered. In addition, instructor assignments and student uploads will be automated based on faculty assignments and student enrollments listed in MyMav.

Please communicate to your appropriate departmental administrator that faculty and TA access to Canvas course sections is dependent upon section listings and faculty/TA assignments made by the department in MyMav. For new employees, HR appointments in UT Share and NetID requests to OIT must be in place before MyMav assignments will take effect. Course access is dependent upon execution of the following:

  1. Departmental section listings to Registrar
  2. Departmental assignment of instructor of record or TA in MyMav (after sections created by Registrar)
  3. Departmental assignment of employee in UT Share (new employees only)
  4. Departmental request of NetID through OIT (new employees only)

Faculty and TA Assignments

After your course section is listed in MyMav, your departmental administrator needs to follow steps 1 - 2 above (3 - 4 for new employees) for your official section to appear when you log in to Canvas. Please allow 24 hours after your assignment is made in MyMav.

Important information for teaching assistants

If you have both an employee account and student account, your student account will be transmitted to Canvas. Please use your student account to log in to Canvas. You may add your employee email address to your Canvas profile to receive course notifications and messages.

Student Drops and Adds

Drops and adds will be reflected in your Canvas course sections based upon transactions that take place in MyMav. Students no longer on the MyMav course roster will disappear from your Canvas course.

Incomplete Grades

Students receiving an Incomplete in a course will retain access to the Canvas course shell in which they earned the Incomplete. Undergraduate students are expected to satisfy the Incomplete by the end of the next long semester; otherwise, the grade will automatically change to an F in MyMav. This does not apply to Graduate students.

In Canvas, only the student(s) with an Incomplete will appear in the Gradebook by default. All other students are inactive and hidden from the Gradebook view. Follow these instructions to view inactive students.