Compliance Training

Compliance training is an important tool in teaching faculty and staff about important institutional policies and procedures, and federal and state regulations.  The training helps equip employees to follow correct business practices.  With the University of Texas at Arlington being a state institution and its working towards being a pre-eminent urban research university, an employee's knowledge and compliance with applicable laws, policies and regulations is crucial.  Employees are to take Compliance training upon 30 days of their employment start date and annually thereafter.

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How will I know when to take the training?

An employee will receive notification via his/her UTA email when enrolled to take Compliance training. New employees typically receive the notification a week or two upon their start date, while current employees take it in October every year. The notification includes guidance on how to access the training and the deadline. It is important to meet the deadline, as the University will de-activate an employee’s Net ID for non-completion. (This impacts one’s access to UTA email, Blackboard, UTA servers, etc.) The training is offered through Blackboard - so it is accessible 24/7, online and as “stop-and-go” for convenience.

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It feels like I just took it...

If an employee receives notice to take Compliance training and he/she feels they already took it during the fiscal year, the employee should contact University Compliance Services. It is possible – with a transfer to another department or a student employee becoming a full-time employee for example – that the employee became re-enlisted to take the training. University Compliance Services can review records in these instances and let the employee know next steps.

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My training is complete. Now what?

Upon completion of the training, one will attain a completion certificate. University Compliance Services highly encourages faculty and staff to retain it for personal records. (Many department managers will ask for the verification as well among their employees.) It is not necessary to provide University Compliance Services with a completion certificate since their system maintains gradebooks and records.

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The Compliance Training Coordinator can be reached at extension 22080 and via email with any questions. Important reference links from the training is also available here: