A Parent Institution Letter is used to allow the VA to pay for courses that apply to your degree plan at the parent school, but are taken concurrently at another institution for convenience or availability. The courses MUST be transferable and apply to your degree plan, usually as direct replacements for courses on your Degree Plan. The Parent Institution is the school that has your eligibility information, official degree plan, and is on record with the VA. If UTA is your Parent Institution you must complete our Parent Institution Letter (PIL). 
GUEST STUDENT If your Parent Institution is not UTA you will need to follow your school's PIL process, have them forward their PIL to us, and complete UTA's Certify Online form. You are responsible for all Tuition and Fees at your non-Parent Institution until the VA provides reimbursement 



Students must go to the UTA Continuing Education Office for information on VA payment of continuing education courses. 
Not all UTA Continuing Education Courses and Exams are approved for reimbursement by the VA. Approved List of Continuing Education/Exams. The currently approved Non College Degree Programs here at UTA are:


  • Dental Assistant • Medical Coding & Billing Specialist
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • Veterinary Assistant
VA FORM 22-0810


Students enrolled in Undergraduate and/or Graduate Accelerated Online (AO) Programs must follow the standard certification requirements for their benefit type. 
AO students are subject to the same deadlines for a Courtesy Do Not Drop. With the numerous AO start dates it is likely AO students will need to make payment arrangements prior to VA Benefits being processed. 
The do not drop for non-payment is placed on the account for the entire term, therefore students must drop a class through the MyMav system and not wait to be dropped for non-payment. Only classes listed in the Online Certification Request that are on a signed degree plan will be certified to the VA. If a student adds, drops, withdraws, or changes the start date for a class(es), the student must submit a new Online Certification Request. 
Students wishing to drop a course and maintain no financial responsibility must do so by 11:59 PM CT before the first class day. The official class day begins at 12:00 AM CT. 
Students are responsible for dropping themselves before the first day of class. If you do not drop before the first day of class you will not receive a full refund. For more information on UTA refund policy please go to here

Ch.33 Post 9/11 GI BillĀ® 


This program is available to any student certified for VA education benefits who is attending school at least three-quarter time or more [9 hours for undergraduate students, 6 hours for graduate students]. 
An individual working under this program may work at the school veterans' office, VA Regional Office, VA Medical Facilities, or at approved State employment offices (turn application in to the location in which you wish to work). Work-study students are paid at either the state or federal minimum wage, whichever is greater. 
For more information, please visit the VA Work Study Page 
The UTA VA Office has a limited number of openings each semester and applications for these positions are accepted throughout the year in the UTA VA Office, Davis Hall 252

Work Study Form  


Chapter 33, Chapter 31, Chapter 30, Chapter 1606, and Chapter 1607, and the Hazlewood exemption will pay tuition associated fees for study abroad programs, when the following criteria are met:

  • If you are using federal veterans benefits, the classes taken abroad must be listed on your degree plan.
  • If you are using the Hazlewood exemption, the classes taken abroad must have tuition costs charged to UTA.
  • If you are using federal veterans benefits for study abroad programs offered through UTA you must complete the Certify Online process.
  • If you are a UTA student using federal veterans benefits for study abroad programs offered through another institution, please submit a Parent Institution Letter to the UTA Veterans Affairs Office.
  • If you are using the Hazlewood exemption, please submit your Hazlewood Application to the UTA Veterans Affairs office, as you would for domestic classes.