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BSW Advising

All Social Work majors must see an advisor prior to registration each semester. Advisors are available forty hours each week. Students may contact an advisor to make an appointment or walk-ins are welcomed during advising hours.

New students with less than 24 hours who have declared Social Work as their major will be classified as UCOL-SOCWINT. Transfer students with more than 24 hours who have declared Social Work as their major will be classified Social Work Intended and receive advisement through the School of Social Work. All other students are viewed as "undeclared" and receive advisement through the "University Advising Center": until they officially designate Social Work as their major.

Degree Plan

When the student is admitted to the BSW program, a degree plan is generated, reviewed and submitted for approval.
Course rolls are reviewed at the beginning of each semester. Students enrolled in a course without completion of required prerequisites will be dropped from the course.

Academic Transfers

No credit is given for life and/or work experience. Applicants, whether new or former students, who have attended another collegiate institution may not disregard any part of their academic record except as permitted under the "fresh start" option (see Academic Fresh Start Admissions page).

Criteria for transferable credits are a grade point average of at least 2.0. In addition they must meet the admission requirements for UT Arlington. A complete application for admission, an application fee and an official transcript from each college attended should be submitted to the Office of Admissions.

The following students should refer to the undergraduate catalog for specific admissions criteria:

  • First Year Transfers (less than 30 college hours completed)
  • Transfers With Sophomore or Higher Classification (30 or more college hours completed)
  • Transfers With Degrees, Former and Continuing Students and Transient Admissions


Prerequisites, and Course descriptions

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Stacia Stratman

Stacia Stratman
BSW Academic Advisor III

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