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Bachelor of Social Work Program

BSW Advising

Why get Advised?

  • Obvious answer: to stay on track and graduate on time.
  • Not so obvious answer: our BSW advisors are social workers themselves and have practiced in the field. They offer much insight into planning your social work career!

How often should I be advised?

You are required to be advised at least once a semester but we are happy to see you more than that!

Who is my advisor?

Bianca Glaze and Stacia Stratman are here for you! You may see any of these advisors; simply make an appointment using our online scheduling system.

Bianca Glaze

Bianca Glaze
BSW Academic Advisor III

SWCA 319-F
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Advising Schedule for Bianca Glaze

Stacia Stratman

Stacia Stratman
BSW and Diversity Studies Advisor
Fort Worth and Online Cohort Advisor

SWCA 319-E
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Advising Schedule for Stacia Stratman