Bachelor of Social Work Program


Social workers' main goal is to help others improve their lives by:

  • Helping individuals, families, groups and communities improve their lives.
  • Advocating for social justice.
  • Working towards understanding human behavior in the social environment.

Did you Know?

  • Social Workers work with everyone including: children, families, military, students, couples, the aging, people with disabilities.
  • Social workers are in a variety of settings including healthcare, school, government, for-profit and nonprofit.
  • Social workers work with many issues including: poverty, discrimination, abuse, addiction, physical illness, divorce, loss, unemployment, educational problems, disability, grief, suicide, and mental illness.
  • The Job Market is growing 11% faster than the average
    Median salary of a Bachelor level social worker: $49,470
    (salaries vary widely by social work industry ranging from $41,810 to $81,400)
    You'll never be bored!
    To change the world!


BSW Program Overview from the Director