Student taking a picture during UTA Stampede event  in SSW courtyard

Student Access & Success

The School of Social Work is committed to the academic success of all enrolled students. Retention, graduation, and professional employment of students is paramount to the overall success of the School of Social Work, and, as such, we are focused on creating and maintaining a positive, inclusive, welcoming, and supportive environment for students to learn and develop both inside and outside the classroom.

We recognize the importance of student connectedness and well-being and dedicate efforts to promoting a sense of social belonging throughout the school, facilitating opportunities for students to connect with one another, faculty, staff, and the School and University.

  • Enhance and adapt onboarding and orientation processes for students to meet the needs of our diverse student body.
  • Create and maintain accessible online module-based orientation courses for students that are available upon initial acceptance.
  • Create and maintain accessible online resources related to student support services, Academic Advising, and Field Education.
  • Develop a centralized repository and referral system of available resources within the SSW, UTA and community.
  • Develop an academic support infrastructure to address the specific needs of social work students in the areas of writing, research, and policy.
  • Develop and implement a peer-based academic support network and/or tutoring center.
  • Support and maintain the Graduate Student Leader and Undergraduate Student Leader Programs, whose primary directives include facilitating connections between students in the School of Social Work, providing navigational support and fostering leadership opportunities.
  • Recruit and maintain a minimum of 15 leaders per program each semester.
  • Conduct an annual evaluation of the USL and GSL Programs to assess effectiveness.
  • Create opportunities for faculty and students to connect with one another both inside and outside the classroom environment.
  • Facilitate at least 3 events each semester to promote faculty-student engagement and collaboration.
  • Host at least 2 workshops annually focused on promoting student engagement in the physical and virtual classroom through innovative teaching.
  • Participate as a School in at least one University-sponsored event each semester to promote student connections with UTA.
  • Support and foster growth in the existing student organizations within the SSW, and reassess the needs and opportunities for the development of new student organizations annually.
  • Ensure that all student organizations have the tools and ability to engage with students on campus and virtually.
In an effort to address disparities in graduation rates, support activities to decrease student's time to graduation.
Increase opportunities for faculty and students to collaborate through research, student organizations and experiential learning.
  • Increase external funding sources to support an increased number and percentage of students at each level (BSSUT, BSW, MSW, Ph.D.)
  • Increase the amount and/or number of academic, field stipends and research scholarships offered through the SSW appropriate to each academic program.
  • Explore and address potential barriers that may prevent students from applying for scholarships.
Increase the number of students pursuing the undergraduate thesis and graduate thesis options.
Recruit and retain high quality BSSUT, BSW, MSW, and PhD students.