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Master of Social Work: Health Specialty

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Direct Practice in Health

The Direct Practice in Health specialty provides advanced social work students with information, skills, and expertise relevant to social work practice in health settings. Students specializing in Health focus on working with clients and families facing acute, chronic and terminal conditions. Students learn how to help patients understand illness and various treatment options, intervene in crisis situations, and serve as patient advocates. In addition, students focus on the promotion of health and wellness at both the individual and community levels. The Direct Practice in Health specialty is offered on-campus, with many course offerings available in face-to-face and online formats.

Direct Practice - Health Services
Advanced Micro Practice SOCW 5311

Builds on the generalist perspective and the basic familiarity with social work processes (such as problem identification, assessment, contracting, plan implementation, and outcome evaluation) in the context of (1) existing psychosocial intervention modalities, and (2) the particular client characteristics that lend themselves to specific change modalities. Required of all Direct Practice students. Prerequisite: SOCW 5304, SOCW 5681, and SOCW 5281.
Direct Practice in Health Care SOCW 5342

Explores the central contribution of social work to comprehensive health care and health in environment theory and evidence; advanced knowledge and skills in human behavior theory relevant to health care, as well as social work interventions to assess and ameliorate the psychological effects of illness and disability, are included along with emerging roles for social work in prevention and health maintenance. Co-requisite: SOCW 5311.
Health Policy and Social Justice SOCW 5343

Historical, current, and projected national and local health policies and roles of providers and consumers of health care examined; service demands, economic, access, and regulatory issues analyzed; relationships between governmental, voluntary, and commercial sectors studied; analytic frameworks for the understanding and development of policies developed. Prerequisite: SOCW 5303.
Suggested Electives
Health Insurance & Access to Care SOCW 5344

Explores the history of managed care in health and social services, the underlying philosophy, and current trends and practice issues. Assesses the potential for conflict between social work values and managed care systems. Builds skills for administrative roles in managed care settings. Co-requisite: SOCW 5311 OR SOCW 5312.
Special Topics in Health Equity SOCW 5345 Building on a social determinants of health theoretical perspective and research methods in health care, this course undertakes a critical examination of policies, research and practices that contribute to health disparities. Topics vary each semester depending on the needs and interests of students and faculty. Potential topics may include, but are not limited to: community health, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, immigrant health, and veteran health. Emphasis is placed on the role of the social work practitioner in promoting and advancing social justice in health. Co-requisites: SOCW 5311 OR SOCW 5312


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