Hidden Stories of the Human Experience

Eclipsed Humanities

Join the School of Social Work in documenting and uplifting the silenced voices of the human experience

Eclipsed Humanity

Hidden Stories of the Human Experience

The School of Social Work is thrilled to embark on a special campaign, illuminating the profound significance of social work during the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8th.

We invite our community to join us in capturing the transformative power of the human experience by submitting photos that celebrate compassion, resilience, and the impactful journey of those in need.

Submit an image depicting the story of the often-hidden human experience – an image shining a light on marginalized   populations. Elevate the voices of those often not heard or misunderstood.

Together, let's shine a light on the positive change social work brings to our world. Your contributions will not only capture moments but inspire a brighter future for all.

Photos selected will be on display in the School of Social Work and SMART Hospital building’s Community Commons area for two weeks.

Campaign Mission

Our mission with this campaign is to amplify the voices of the marginalized and raise awareness about the vital role of social workers in our daily lives.


I loved it, I loved learning more about the community I engage with every day through images. Humanizing.


Beautiful and impactful photos- thank you to all who contributed and thank you to all of my fellow social workers shining their light in the world.