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The Academic Affairs Office welcomes you to the School of Social Work. It is our mission to make your higher education journey as simple, fun, and meaningful as possible.  On this page you will find helpful information and events designed to provide you with academic support and resources for your health and well-being.

Meet Your Student Success Coordinator

The Student Success Coordinator is committed to supporting you in successfully navigating your personal and educational goals by offering services and resources focusing on health, wellness, and support outside the classroom.  We can help reduce barriers and assist you with the basic needs of life so you can achieve your goals. We are also available for students who may be in distress or exhibit behavior that raises concerns about the physical or mental well-being of themselves (or others). Please complete the Care Referral Form for assistance.

This form is not for emergency situations. For life-threatening emergencies, including threat of injury to self or others, call Campus Police at 911 on a campus phone or 817-272-3003.

Field Education

One of the most integral parts of your education at UTA’s School of Social Work is gaining real-world experience through internships supported by our Field Education Office. Our specialists will help you find the right agency that fits your interest and passion.