BSW Degree Plan

Take classes face-to-face at the Arlington or Fort Worth campuses, complete our BSW degree fully online, or do a combination of online and face-to-face courses.

BSW Degree Plan


Experiential Major Maps (EMM) are designed to present undergraduate students with academic and non-academic enrichment opportunities for their respective majors. Click here to view the social work EMM!

BSW Cohort in Fort Worth

All courses are taken in Fort Worth in a prescribed order; students complete the degree with the same cohort or group of students so as to build community and ensure a supportive environment as they proceed through the curriculum toward BSW completion.

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Honors Degree Program

The UTA School of Social Work, in conjunction with the Honors College, offers the opportunity to earn an Honors Bachelor of Social Work.

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Students must complete all SOCW courses within a maximum 6-year period. In order to ensure our graduates are receiving the most updated and relevant information on social issues, programs and best practices, social work courses completed more than 6 years prior to graduation may need to be retaken.