Rachel Voth Schrag

Dr. Rachel Voth Schrag

Educational Sabotage

Dr. Rachel Voth Schrag, LCSW an assistant professor in the School of Social Work, was a guest on a TalkZone.com podcast discussing her study published in the journal Violence Against Women focused on educational sabotage. According to Dr. Voth Schrag, educational sabotage is a form of coercive control that directly affects a survivor's efforts to obtain educational credentials and is an overlooked form of psychological abuse.


Genevieve Graaf

Dr. Genevieve Graaf

Place-Based Research: Why place matters

Social Work Assistant Professor Dr. Genevieve Graaf, MSW participating in a podcast for Centre for Research on Security Practices.


Allison Tomlinson

Dr. Allison Tomlinson

Substance Use and Treatment Major


The Vital Signs interview with Social Work Undergraduate Programs Director Dr. Allison Tomlinson, LCSW-S speaks with KERA News about the new Substance Use and Treatment major.

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