Life Connections: Counseling Program

This program provides trauma informed therapy and case management for victims of crime in Dallas County. An assessment is completed to determine the impact of the trauma, coping mechanisms, and use of alcohol or drugs to help cope. Trauma informed therapy is provided for children, youth and adults in Spanish and English. Therapy may be individual, family or group. Referrals to higher levels of care or psychiatric evaluations are provided as needed. A case manager will assist with the Victim’s Assistance applications and provide referrals for other services is indicated by need.

Initial Appointment

Life Connections suicide prevention group utilizes an evidenced-based suicide prevention intervention, CAMS – Collaborative and Assessment of Suicidality.

Call 214-645-0937 to schedule an assessment or initial appointment. If a higher level of care is required, a care coordinator facilitates connecting with needed resources.
Call : +1214-645-0937

Program Coordinator

New Connections Program Coordinator: Stacy Green, LCSW - 214-645-0931 - New Connections services are free of charge.

New Connections: Pregnant-Postpartum Intervention (PPI) Program

Through Motivational Interviewing, trauma-informed care, and evidenced-based curriculum to facilitate maternal bonding, teach parenting skills, and encourage compliance with recovery and medical care. Parenting education classes, infant care instruction, case management and psycho-educational parenting/recovery groups are offered.

New Connections has 3 components:

New Connections Mommies

New Connections Mommies program is for pregnant women using drugs, especially opioids. This program includes street outreach and outreach with community partners where women using drugs may find out they are pregnant. Facilitating the access to drug & alcohol treatment along with prenatal care is the focus while offering support for recovery, case management and helping prepare for parenting in recovery.

New Connections Outreach program

New Connections Outreach program is for teens and women who are considered at-risk. Case management is offered to facilitate access to medical care, address risk factors and connect pregnant women with needed resources to prepare for a healthy baby raised in a safe environment. Screenings for substance use issues, domestic violence and mental health needs are given. Infant care instruction and Mom’s Clubs are facilitated to help the women develop healthy support systems and have the skills to be a healthy parent.

New Connections Parenting in Recovery program

New Connections Parenting in Recovery program offers intervention services for parents referred from CPS due to parental involvement with drugs or alcohol. Assessments, development of a service plan, implementing intervention strategies, facilitating evidenced-based parenting in recovery psychoeducational groups, and case management are used to help parents develop the skills for healthy parenting in recovery. Motivational interviewing is used to help parents look at their behaviors and evaluate the need for change.

program sites

All New Connections programs use Motivational Interviewing, trauma-informed care, and evidenced-based curriculum to facilitate parental bonding, teach parenting skills, and encourage compliance with recovery and medical care.

Program Coordinator

New Connections Program Coordinator: Haydee Hall, LMSW, ACPS - 214-645-0932 - New Connections services are free of charge.

MAVS 4 Youth: Motivating, Advocating, Valuable Strategies 4 Youth

A Youth Prevention Selective (YPS) program that offers evidenced-based prevention services to youth and families, educating on effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. This includes a 10-session group session with children and youth identified as being at-risk for alcohol and drug use. These 10 sessions offer interactive education while helping youth set goals, build self-esteem, learn refusal skills and evaluate how using alcohol, tobacco or other drugs may interfere with reaching their goals. Services are offered at schools, community centers and community event

Educational events

Educational events for children and youth on the truth and alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are given in school, health fairs and other community events. MAVS 4 Youth participates in coalitions to address youth alcohol and drug use in the DFW area. Educational program are offered for parents to help them recognize substance use in their children and know what to do if they identify an issue
Phone: +1214-645-0913

Program Coordinator

MAVS 4 Youth Program Coordinator: Michelle Young, LMSW, ACPS - 214-645-0913 - MAVS 4 Youth services are free of charge.

Services for Professionals: Training to Professionals

Various topics including:

  • SBIRT - Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment: a universal screening that professionals can provide to all patients or clients in a medical or social service setting to screen for substance use disorders or substance misuse.
  • Trauma Informed Care – teaching the use of best practices in social service and medical settings.
  • Motivational Interviewing – teaching the concepts and uses of Motivational Interviewing and sharing basic tools to get started.
  • Alternative Activities to teach youth the facts about drugs and alcohol with fun and interactive activities.
Complete list of Topics Email:

Program Evaluation and Research

Program Evaluation and Research offered for a contracted fee to determine effectiveness of programs and offer suggestions for improvement of program outcomes.

Call Dr. Laura Frank Terry, Ph.D at 214-645-0931 or email to request more information on program evaluation or research or to set up a consultation.


Collaborating on programs and grants

Collaborating on programs and grants: CARS has several community partners. If you have a program or grant and would like to collaborate, please contact the Center Coordinator, Sherry Bryson, LCSW Supervisor at 214-645-0914 or