Student organizations are a fundamental part of the dynamic community that exists at UTA. There are hundreds of groups that serve to complement your academic work, provide leadership development and enhance your collegiate experience.

African American Students Social Work Alliance (AASWSA)

Mission Statement: The purpose of the AASWSA is to is to uphold the ethical and guiding principles of the National Association of Social Workers. We will strive to empower, to promote equality, to end discrimination, oppression, poverty, and other forms of social injustice and positively impact our campus and surrounding community with educational events, networking, community service, and fundraisers.

Faculty Advisor: Pamela Hill
President: Phallon Staton

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Gerontology Organization

Mission Statement: The Gerontology Organization (GO) aims to create opportunities for students interested in learning about, serving, and working with older adults to network with like-minded students across UTA and to develop their professional portfolio. Together we aim to create an Age Friendly UTA campus! 

Faculty Advisor: Kathy Lee
President: Soeung Jang

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Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society

Mission Statement: The purpose of Phi Alpha is to provide a closer bond among students of Social Work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals.

Faculty Advisor: Kelli Rodgers
President: Robenette Portis

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The Queer Social Work Organization

Mission Statement:  The Mission of the Queer Social Work Association (TQSWA) is to further advocate for LGBTQ+ equality, equity, and inclusion, as well as to diminish the existence of social injustice experienced by the LGBTQ+ community at micro, macro, and mezzo systems.

Faculty Advisor: Jessica Sanchez
President: Elwim Sorto

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Social Work Council (SWC)

Mission Statement: The Social Work Council’s (SWC) goal is to connect UTA's social work students (undergraduate, graduate and PhD) to their campus. Members of this amazing organization get to represent their school, be active in their field of study and gain some great experience for their futures as social workers! The only qualification that is required to be a part of this organization is the desire to make a difference in the community around you! The SWC team looks forward to working with you! We hope that you join us in making a difference around campus and in our community. 

Faculty Advisor: Scott Ryan ( and Stephanie Bonilla (
President: Hope Padilla

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Social Workers for Children and Families

Mission Statement: The purpose of “Social Workers for Children and Families” is to:

  • Bring together social work students that have a passion for helping children and families in their current and/or future careers.
  • To establish and grow long-term personal and professional relationships between social work students and graduates of the University of Texas at Arlington’s School of Social Work.
  • To support and encourage aspiring and practicing child and family social workers to maintain high educational and professional standards. 

Faculty Advisor: Meghan Gratton
President: Wendy Thornell

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Student Association for Macro Social Work (SAMSW)

Mission Statement: The Student Association for Macro Social Work (SAMSW) provides academic advocacy, peer support, and professional development and networking opportunities for students interested in macro social work.  

Faculty Advisor: Genevieve Graaf
President: Tiffany McDonald

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Students for Global Change

Mission Statement: The purpose of Students for Global Change is to promote international understanding, education, and research for students at UT Arlington. This organization seeks to unite undergraduates and graduates to engage with international social issues.

Faculty Advisor: Eusebuis Small
President: Damone Wisdom

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Student Coalition Against Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

Mission Statement: Our Mission is to raise awareness, empower students to educate, and foster a supportive community dedicated to enhancing survivor empathy and bystander efficacy. Ultimately, promoting trauma-informed practices for safer outcomes in the face of interpersonal violence. 

Faculty Advisor: Karla Arenas-Itotia
President: Erica Martinez-Savilla

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