Researcher discussing with another student

Research & Creative Works

Enhance research productivity and scholarly works which inform science, policy, programs, and people living within our local, state, national, and international communities.

  • Identify and facilitate opportunities for students to engage in faculty research.
  • Increase faculty affiliations within existing centers.
  • Create and leverage resources across centers to provide faculty with access to resources such as project coordinators, technical writers, graphic designers, statisticians, and grant management.
  • Expand and support synergistic grant writing activities - encourage/facilitate collaborative grant writing within and across departments.
  • Create a space to collaborate, brainstorm ideas for thought leadership and seek inspiration from each other.
  • Build strong relationships with community partners to procure funds, promote new ideas and conduct research for and within the community, nationally and internationally.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary and community partnership discussions hosted by the SSW to explore research opportunities and creative work, learn about new resources, community needs, and receive feedback.
  • Centralize resources and information for researchers, stakeholders, students and community partners to drive partnerships and relationships in the community and support doctoral student employment after graduation.
  • Increase average number of doctoral student peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Increase average number of doctoral student external funding submissions
  • Support doctoral students in securing academic/research positions.