We’ve offered our BSW Online Program to Texas residents and U.S. military personnel and their family members for several years.

Our professors are well-trained and experienced in offering online education.  Our staff and faculty will support you throughout your education journey.

Students from all 50 states and these U.S. Territories are eligible to apply: American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

U.S. Armed Forces military personnel including U.S. Public Health Service Corps, U.S. Department of Defense civilian employees and their dependents/family members (regardless of where they are stationed in the world) are eligible to apply. 

International Students from select countries may apply (please contact the School of Social Work’s Admissions Office for details). International Students must meet all UTA and School of Social Work admission requirements for international applicants.

UTA students working together

BSW Online Program for Non-Resident of Texas

Non-Resident of Texas online students will matriculate under the Non-Resident Distance Education Program (NRODE).  In the NRODE program your tuition and other costs will be much less than what a typical non-resident/out-of-state student would pay. Many students, especially depending upon their local school options, will save 40% to 50% in tuition and fees.


Course Hrs.


 NRODE Course Charge

 3-SCH Course


 $1,446.05 per course or $482.02 per SCH

 4-SCH Course


 $1,557.55 per course or $389.39 per SCH

 5-SCH Course


 $3,086.05 per course or $617.21 per SCH


*Please keep in mind these charges are based on the 2023-2024 Academic Year and it is an estimate and should be used for planning purposes only. This chart is only for UTA BSW Non-Texas Residents prospective students who plan to enroll in our BSW Non-Resident Online Distance Education (NRODE) program (charges above include tuition and fees showing per course or per scheduled credit hour (SCH)) for graduate (GRAD) courses. NRODE students must enroll in special out-of-state non-resident online section for each of their courses.  This is how the university will know to charge you the NRODE amount.  All other prospective students (face-to-face and Texas residents) should follow the UTA Tuition Estimator.


Our Program is Flexible and Convenient

  • NRODE students must reside outside the state of Texas during their matriculation while completing the program online (synchronous and asynchronous classes available).
  • NRODE students will complete their required field internship locally where they reside at an approved agency/organization.

Attend an Info Session

Attending an Undergraduate Admissions Information Session provides you with a unique opportunity to meet with representatives from the School of Social Work and discuss the BSW program.

How To Apply

Please visit the BSW Admissions Page for information on how to apply.

BSW Admissions Page