Advising FAQs

Advising Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Academic Advising office!

Please read all student emails carefully and review the frequently asked questions below. These resources are intended to provide help when you need it. If you want to meet with your advisor, please sign up for an appointment as early in the semester as possible, as appointment slots fill quickly. We work as efficiently as possible and generally return emails and calls within 48 hours. During peak advising periods, responses may take 7-10 business days. We appreciate your patience. Please note that emails are answered in the order they are received. Sending multiple emails without waiting for the standard response time to pass can contribute to delays. If you need help quickly and haven’t heard back from your advisor yet, please contact your GSL or Peer Advisor Intern. You can also scroll down to the question below, “What if I can’t get in touch with my advisor?”

The advisors are assigned by BSW level foundation year, MSW, and advanced year MSW. You can see them all listed below or go to the advising office page

Undergraduate Advisors. Undergraduates are assigned to advisors alphabetically, using the first letter of the student’s last name.

MSW Advisors. Graduate students are assigned to advisors according to student status (Foundation or Advanced). Advanced students are assigned according to their chosen concentration.



You are not required to meet with your advisor every semester. You may email your advisor to verify your class standing and eligibility for certain classes and to verify your class sequence. If you already have your degree plan, in many cases you can just enroll for classes without speaking to your advisor. Meeting with your advisor is in your best interest. However, if you cannot schedule a meeting or attend a same-day appointment on Wednesday, it is okay to reach out through email.

Sometimes, questions can be answered via email, and you may not need an appointment. You may also wish to sign up for one of the Wednesday Academic Advising Same Day Appointment. These appointments are assigned on a first-come basis. Sign up here. The Link opens Wednesday mornings promptly at 9:00am. 

Another option is the Advising Power Hour. Power Hours are group meetings in which information about selected topics is presented and there is time for asking general questions. While it doesn’t take the place of individual advising, if you have general questions, this may be where you can find answers.  Each advisor has a designated time and day along with a link for power hour sessions, listed under their profile.

If needed, take a screenshot of the error message you receive so you can send it to your advisor.

  • If the error message indicates a “hold,” you can find information about it by going to Student Services Center in MyMav and clicking on “details.”
  • For “Academic Department Hold” contact your Academic Advisor.
  • For error message indicating “Department Consent Required,” check the details about the course in which you are trying to enroll (click on the course section and the “Enrollment Information”). You can see if the course is for out-of-state only, cohort only, etc. Which require department consent. You may find another section that fits your status: online, non-cohort) if applicable.
You can view the most current field advisors here. Please note that concentration areas are listed below the advisor’s name.
The coursework and internship cover all the areas needed to be eligible to take the ASWB exam and for licensure eligibility. However, additional studying and preparation will likely be needed. 

The 2 primary agencies involved with licensure in Texas are: 

  1. Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB): ASWB coordinates state boards. It also develops and administers the exam that makes you eligible for licensure.  
  2. Texas Behavioral Executive Council (BHEC): BHEC is the state regulatory agency for social workers through the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners. It issues and renews your license. 

You must take your exam before applying for licensure. To take the exam, you must:  

  • Apply to ASWB for pre-approval. Current fee: $60
  • Take and pass the exam. Current fee: $230 

You may take the exam in your last semester of your social work program. To do this, you must request a letter from the Dean, verifying your status. The letter will be sent directly to ASWB. There is no fee for the letter.

Request a Letter from the Dean
The ASWB Texas preapproval page

Applying for Licensure

You must pass the ASWB exam AND graduate before you can apply for licensure. The current fee for licensure is $91. 

BHEC requires that you complete and provide: 

  • Current account with BHEC 
  • Application form 
  • School transcripts 
  • Fingerprint based background check (BHEC will send directions) 
  • Self-query report from NPDB (National Practitioner Data Bank). BHEC will send directions on how to do so
  • Verification of citizenship and immigration status 
  • ASWB exam results 
  • Jurisprudence test passing grade 

BHEC Home Page
BHEC Application Page

If you are receiving a registration error stating that you have a hold on your account, go to your Student Services Center in MyMav and click on “details” for information on how to have the hold removed.

  • If you have an “Academic Department Hold”, please contact your Academic Advisor.
  • If you are receiving a registration error such as “Department Consent Required”, click on the course section and see “Enrollment Information”. This will provide details about the course. For example, if the course is designated as an out-of-state section, department consent is required. Courses designated for online cohort students also require department consent.

If you need to DROP a class, please be sure to check the Academic Calendar for important dates. 

To request a drop use the following forms:

  • BSW/BSSUT Drop/Withdraw Form
  • MSW Drop/Withdraw Form