What to Know About Field

Field education is the final requirement to receive your social work or substance use treatment degree. We ensure the highest standard of real-world experience through agency internships, and through that require our students to meet certain prerequisites before they enter the field and ultimately apply for graduation.

Field Agency Affiliation Process

Field Agency Affiliation Process

In-Area Students

  • Must live within one hour of the UTA Campus
  • The Field office will assign you to a placement
  • When first accessing Tevera, if you do not already have an account, you can create one with your UTA email. You will also need to pay the fee at that time.

Out-of-Area Students

  • Live outside of a one-hour drive of UTA Campus
  • Are responsible for finding their own UTA-affiliated agency
    • If non-found, they may seek an agency that meets UTA requirements and see if they are interested in becoming a UTA-affiliated agency

Submitting the Field Application

Review your degree plan to verify which semester you are to start Field. You can also check the prerequisites to verify if you are ready. You will apply for Field the semester before you are to start. The Field office sends out emails every semester to alert all Social Work students when the Field application for a particular semester will be opened and closed.

Deciding Your Hours

Students may select between either Split or Block Placement upon registering for classes.

Block Placement

  • 480 hours of internship in one semester
  • Average weekly commitment: 30-37
  • Requires special Academic Advisor approval

Split Placement

  • 240 hours each semester for two semesters
  • Average weekly commitment: 15-24 hours

What Courses To Register For – BSW/BSSUT

  • Split Semester I
    SOCW 4451 & 4551 
  • Split Field I Split Semester II
    SOCW 4452 & 4552 Split Field II
  • Block Semester
    SOCW 4455 / 4555 Block Field I
  • SOCW 4556 / 4456 Block Field I

What Courses To Register For – MSW Advanced

  • Split Semester I
    SOCW 5482 Split Field I
  • Split Semester II
    SOCW 5483 Split Field II
  • Block Semester
    SOCW 5485 Block Field I
    SOCW 5486 Block Field II

What Courses To Register For – MSW Foundation

  • Split Semester I
    SOCW 5581 Split Field I
  • Split Semester II
    SOCW 5381 Split Field II
  • Block Semester
    SOCW 5585 Block Field I
    SOCW 5385 Block Field II

Still Have Questions?

Not sure if you qualify for field? Not sure which placement to choose? Our field specialists are here to help, just book an appointment! Our specialists have also created a FAQ Packet to answer all your questions to ensure you have a seamless field education experience.