School of Social Work event with students at booth

Engagement and Community Outreach

An essential function of our SSW is to be engaged in the larger community and responsive to social needs and policies. We seek to further the scale and scope of our research, teaching and service-focus external collaborations.

  • Create multiple methods for UTA SSW students, faculty, and staff to disseminate findings from community-based research back into the communities.
  • Invite community members and adjunct instructors to participate in panels to share their agencies’ work, as well as present on innovative practices, training or research conducted.
  • Foster effective collaborations that include students, faculty, advisory boards, and staff supporting effective outreach efforts and engaging the community.
  • Increase the percentage of donations and dollar amounts
  • Increase activities/media to enhance donor awareness of benefits of endowment and philanthropic potential
  • Increase events and forums to share academic value and social impact of the SSW with corporate and private foundations
  • Increase percentage of donors who make a financial contribution to the School for conducting research, establishing professorships, and increasing academic resources