Research Projects

Research Projects

Kenya Flag

Study Abroad in Kenya

This study abroad experience will have an emphasis on experiential learning. Students will learn through engaging in activities while abroad while spending time in Kenya, specifically during the time students spend at local schools in Busia. The course will focus on topics such as health, role of culture in education and economic development of Kenya.

As a Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

Posttraumatic Growth and Transformation in Military

The purpose of this research study is to better understand the factors, elements and turning points that contribute to a military loss or trauma becoming a personal posttraumatic growth experience that results in a transformation outcome of helping others.

Motorcycle Riding

Wind Therapy

In collaboration with Stay the Course, an agency dedicated to serving Veterans and their families, researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington are studying a novel approach to stress management used by Veterans, Service Members, and First Responders – motorcycle riding.

Study Abroad in Belize

Study Abroad in Belize

A group of nearly 20 Social Work students and faculty studying healthcare disparities among the U.S. and other countries traveled to Belize to research the topic.