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Joyce Peters

Joyce Peters  
Academic Advising Administrative Assistant
Phone Number: 817-272-3687

Amanda Land

Amanda Land
Field Office Administrative Assistant
Phone Number: 817-272-3610

Still Have Questions?

Step 1

Initial Point of Contact
  • Academic Peer Advisor: Contact your Academic Peer Advisor
  • Academic Advisor: Contact your Academic Advisor for questions regarding your degree plan, registration issues, and graduation information.
  • Field Specialist: Reach out to your Field Liaison first, for any questions about field. If you still have questions, contact your Field Specialist.
  • Instructor: Reach out to your Instructor for questions regarding syllabus, grades, and assignments.
  • Canvas Technical Support: Contact Canvas Tech Support for questions about  problems submitting homework, access to canvas, and other technical issues.

Issues Unresolved?

Step 2

Second Point of Contact

Academic Advising Concerns:

Joyce Peters

Toy Howard  
Manager of Advising & Student Retention

Field Education Concerns:

Amanda Land

Natalie Mangham
Manager of Field Education

Still Need Answers?

Step 3

Third Point of Contact

Academic Advising and Field Education Concerns:


Patrice Green  
Director of Academic Advising & Field Education

Course or Instructor Issues:

Dr. Amanda Hassan

Dr. Amanda Hassan
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs

Undergraduate Program Issues:

Dr. Allison Tomlinson

Dr. Allison Tomlinson
Director of Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Program Issues:

Dr. Regina Praetorius

Dr. Regina Praetorius
Director of Graduate Programs

Issues Still Not Resolved?

Step 4

Final Point of Contact

Dr. Diane Mitschke

Dr. Diane Mitschke  
Associate Dean of Student & Academic Affairs

Facing a Crisis? Need Help in Accessing UTA Resources?

Contact Traecia Nichols, Student Success Coordinator of Academic Affairs. We want to help you succeed!

Traecia Nichols

Traecia Nichols
Student Success Coordinator of Academic Affairs