Bachelor of Social Work Program

As a BSW-Intended Student 

Declare as BSW Intended and begin 1st phase of BSW Degree

Complete the five BSW-Intended classes with a “C” or better

  1. MATH 1308- Statistics
  2. SOCW 3300- Professionalism
  3. SOCW 2311- Introduction to Social Work
  4. SOCW 3305- Practice I: Interview Skills
  5. SOCW 3307- Diverse Populations

Transition to BSW Major and begin 2nd phase of BSW Degree

Transition requirements:


As a BSW Major 

Complete BSW Major Coursework: 48 hours of social work coursework including 4 social work electives enabling students to design their BSW to meet their interests.

Acquire experience through required Social Work Internship: minimum of 480 hours in the field through split placement (SOCW 4951 and SOCW 4952) block placement  (SOCW 4955 and SOCW 4956).

Select a Minor: The BSW degree allows for a minor area of study. Suggested minors offered by the School of Social Work include Diversity Studies and Substance Use Treatment.

Reserve Your Spot

Attending an Undergraduate Admissions Information Session provides you with a unique opportunity to meet with representatives from the School of Social Work and discuss the BSW program.

Get In Touch with SSW Admissions

Shereeta Jones
Admissions Counselor III
Phone: 817-272-9488
Office: B-113

Leslie Reyna
Admissions Counselor III
Phone: 817-272-1475

Dolores Bevins
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 817-272-1044

Darlene Santee
Admissions Coordinator

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