Professors Emeriti

Beverly Black, Professor

Years Served: 2007-2023

PhD, The University of Texas at Austin

MSSW, University of Wisconsin Madison & BA in Social Work, University of Wisconsin Madison

Beverly Black

Research Interests: Violence Prevention Programming, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault

Norman Cobb, Associate Professor

Years Served: 1989-2022

PhD, University of California, Berkeley

MSSW, The University of Texas at Arlington, MDiv, St. Paul School of Theology & BA, Texas Tech University

Norman Cobb

Research Interests: Mental Health Treatment, Cognitive and Behavioral Theory, Decision making, Professional Ethics

Randy Basham, Associate Professor

Years Served: 2002 - 2021

PhD, University of Tennessee Knoxville

MSW, West Virginia University Morgantown & BA, West Liberty University

Randy Basham

Research Interests: Program and Practice Evaluation, Research Methods, Information Technology, Health and Behavioral Health Aging, Child Welfare and Disaster Response, Service Delivery, Group Measurement, International Issues, Sustainability

Catheleen Jordan, Professor

Years Served: 1985-2021

PhD, University of California Berkeley

MSSW, The University of Texas at Arlington & BA, University of Houston Main Campus

Catheleen Jordan

Research Interests: Family assessment and treatment, Family violence, Baby boomers, Technology and elders

Maria Scannapieco, Professor

Years Served: 1996-2021

PhD, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

MSW, Temple University & BSW, California State University

Maria Scannapieco

Research Interests: Child Welfare, Implementation, Indian Child Welfare, Youth Aging Out Foster Care, Child Maltreatment, Mental Health Problems of Children and Adolescents, Kinship Care, University/Agency Collaborations and Workforce Development

Peter Lehmann, Professor

Years Served: 1995-2018

PhD, Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo ON Canada

MSW, Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo ON Canada & BSW, University of Windsor, Windsor ON Canada

Peter Lehmann

Areas of Expertise: Domestic Violence, Strengths-based approach to Practice

Rebecca L Hegar, Professor

Years Served: 1997-2018

PhD in Social Work, Tulane University School of Social Work

MSSW in Social Work, University of Texas at Austin & BA in Political Science/English Literature, University of Texas at Austin

Rebecca Hegar

Areas of Expertise: Child Welfare, Kinship Care, Supervision and Mid-level Management, Social Work History, Social Work and Law

Fran Danis, Associate Professor

Years Served: 2008-2014

PhD in Social Welfare, Case Western Reserve University

MSW in Social Welfare, Stony Brook University, New York & BS, Stony Brook University, New York

Fran Danis

Areas of Expertise: Domestic and sexual violence, crime victim services, resiliency of abuse survivors

Doreen Elliott, Professor

Years Served: 1986-1987 and 1988-2014

Ph.D. in Social Work, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK

Advanced Diploma in the Educational Rehabilitation of Young People, University of London, England

Doreen Elliott

Areas of Expertise: International Social Work, Social Development, Human Rights and Social Justice, Human Migration, Social Work Education

Donald Granvold, Professor

Years Served: 1975-2013

Ph.D. in Social Foundations of Education, Education Department University of Iowa

MSW in Social Work, School of Social Wok, University of Iowa & BA in Social Studies, Graceland College

Donald Granvold

Research Interest: NASW Social Work Pioneer

Ski Hunter, Professor

Years Served: 1971-2013

PhD in Social Work, Ohio State University

MSW in Social Work, San Diego State University & MS in Psychology, North Texas State University

Ski Hunter

Thomas D. Watts, Professor

Years Served: 1974-2012

Ph.D. in Social Work, Tulane University

MSW, Arizona State University & BA in History, Wichita State University

Thomas D. Watts

Areas of Expertise: Social welfare policy and services, comparative and international social welfare and Urban Native Americans

Richard Schoech, Professor

Years Served: 1977-2012

PhD, University of Texas at Arlington

MSSW., University of Texas at Arlington & BA, Psychology, University of Texas, Austin

Richard Schoech

Area of Expertise: Human services information and communication technology, care giver support systems, gamification.

Joan R. Rycraft, Associate Professor

Years Served: 1995-2011

Ph.D., University of Denver, Denver, Colorado

Masters of Social Work , California State University, Fresno, California & B.A., Social Welfare and Corrections, California State University, Chico, California

Joan R. Rycraft

Area of Expertise: Research, administration, child welfare and youth policy

Santos H. Hernandez, Professor

Professor Emeritus & Dean Emeritus Years Served: 1998-2011

Ph.D., University of Denver

M.S.S.W., Our Lady of the Lake University of San Antonio & B.A., Our Lady of the Lake University of San Antonio

Santos H. Hernández

Area of Expertise: International social work, cross cultural social work practice, mental health and generalist social work practice

Wayne D. Duehn, Professor

Years Served: 1970-2008

Ph.D., Washington University

M.S.W., Loyola University & B.A., North Central College

Wayne D. Duehn

Area of Expertise: Child and Vulnerable Adult Sexual Abuse, Adoption and Foster Care, Human Sexuality, Sex Offender Assessment and Treatment

James Callicult, Professor

Years Served: 1967-2007

Ph.D., Brandeis University

M.S.S.W., University of Tennessee & B.S., Memphis State College

James Callicult

Area of Expertise: Mental health policy, Social work education

Charles H. Mindel, Professor

Years Served: 1976-2006

Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana

M.A., University of Illinois, Urbana & B.A., State University of New York at Stony Brook

Charles H. Mindel

Area of Expertise: Research, Statistics and Program Evaluation

Nazneen S. Mayadas, Professor

Years Served: 1972-2006

D.S.W., Washington University

M.S.S.W., Western Reserve University & M.A., University of Allahabad

Nazneen S. Mayadas

Area of Expertise: International Social Work, Group Work and Social Development

Pedro J. Lecca, Professor

Years Served: 1979-1995

Ph.D., University of Mississippi

M.S., Long Island University & B.S., Fordham University

Pedro J. Lecca

Area of Expertise: Health Care and Health Care Management

M. Coleen Shannon, Professor

Years Served: 1970-2001

Ph.D., Texas Woman’s University

M.S.W., Tulane University & B.A., Texas Christian University

M. Coleen Shannon

Area of Expertise: Biofeedback and Stress Management

Peter G. Gaupp, Professor

Years Served: 1967-1993

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

M.S.S.W., University of Texas, Austin & B.S., Southwestern University

Peter G. Gaupp

Area of Expertise: Health Care Planning and Policy and Social Welfare Research

John J. Litrio, Professor

Years Served: 1968-1987

M.S.W., Fordham University

B.S., Syracuse University

John J. Litrio

Area of Expertise: Human Behavior

Fernando Torgerson, Professor

Dean Emeritus Founding Dean Years Served: 1967-1977

Ph.D., Social Work, University of Minnesota

M.S., Social Work, Columbia University & B.A., Education, State Teachers College, Minot, North Dakota

Fernando Torgerson

Area of Expertise: Health Care Administration and Workforce in Social Welfare Organizations