Power Outage

If There is a Power Outage:

  • If evacuation of the building is necessary, exit via stairway, DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.
  • Seek and assist any disabled persons in evacuating the building.
  • If there are special procedures you wish to be carried out in the event of a future power outage, make prior arrangements with your supervisor.


Between 8:00 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Notify Facilities Management at ext. 22000 or 817-272-2000.


After hours

Notify Facilities Management at ext. 22000 or 817.272.2000.


In the Event People are trapped in an Elevator:

  • Tell the passengers to stay calm and that you will get help.
  • Call the UTA Police Department at ext. 23381 or 817.272.3381.
  • Try to keep the trapped passengers calm. Talk to them until help arrives.