FALL 2024 & SPRING 2025

Program Overview

Students wanting the benefits of face-to-face interaction with professors and peers have several convenient and flexible options to take course on campus in Arlington or at UTA Fort Worth.  Students can take face-to-face courses as part of a cohort or as a regular matriculating student taking courses offered per semester that are convenient for a busy schedule. Face-to-Face classes are offered weekdays in the daytime and evening.


UTA Park

Arlington Campus

For students wanting to participate in a face-to-face cohort at our Arlington campus, we offer three Advanced Year cohorts starting every Fall semester and can be completed full-time in 12 months:  1) Direct Practice with Children & Families, 2) Direct Practice in Mental Health & Substance Misuse, and 3) Direct Practice in Health. Advanced Year is the second year of the MSW program.  BSW graduates meeting GPA and other requirements only have to complete the Advanced Year (second year of the MSW program – the first year is waived).

We have Foundation Year Cohorts. The Foundation Year is the first year of the MSW program for traditional students only (generally those without a BSW degree). The Arlington campus Foundation year cohort starts every Fall semester. After completing the Foundation Year (12 months full-time), traditional students (those without the BSW degree) can then select a specialty and go into the Advanced Year (another 12 months full-time).

Note: Although there are some advantages to being in a cohort, MSW students do not have to be in a cohort to complete the program. You can just register and enroll in MSW courses as available to meet your degree requirements.
MSW Program Options

Benefits of Attending Classes On Campus

SSW reputation

SSW reputation (high ranking program for 50 years), Affordability, Convenience/Flexibility, Military/Veteran friendly (rated #1 in Texas and #5 in the country) with more than 800 agencies to choose for required field internships.

nearby malls and shopping districts

UTA is centrally located in the metro area in the city of Arlington between Dallas and Fort Worth, and within walking distance to Dallas Cowboys AT&T stadium, Texas Rangers Ballpark and Six Flags with nearby malls and shopping districts.

Top-tiered research institution

UTA Top-tiered research institution; work closely with world renowned professors.

earn higher GPAs

Students living on campus are more likely to earn higher GPAs, complete degrees on time, and even pursue advanced degrees. Living on campus keeps students connected 24/7.

state-of-the art gym

On-campus state-of-the art gym, fitness and recreation facility; new west campus housing and dining facilities; and more student choices for face-to-face course selections.


Our campus spans 420 acres and includes more than 100 buildings, some dating from 1919. In recent years, campus construction projects totaling almost $300 million with new, state-of-the-art facilities have buoyed development in downtown Arlington.

growing career field

Social Work is a growing career field (positive job-outlook, one of the fastest growing career fields with 16% increase in demand) and the versatility of the social work degree (good preparation for law, medicine, education, communication, health and business career fields).

traditional college experience

Have a traditional college experience with more than 10,000 UTA students who live on campus or adjacent to campus.

UTA’s vibrant campus culture

Attend classes on campus and get involved in UTA’s vibrant campus culture, athletics, internships, and student worker positions and get to know your professors, fellow students and participate in other social activities with more than 300 student organizations.

strong job market

Move to DFW-Arlington metro area with a strong job market with fortune 500 companies, low cost of living and lots of entertainment, sports, and nightlife and music opportunities.

Attend an Info Session

Attending an Graduate Admissions Information Session provides you with a unique opportunity to meet with representatives from the School of Social Work and discuss the MSW program.


Brianna Gibbs
Academic Recruiter
Primarily Graduate Admissions

Email: brianna.gibbs@uta.edu
Office:  SWSH 203O

Dolores Bevins
Admissions Counselor II
Email: doloresbevins@uta.edu
Phone: 817-272-1044
Office:  SWSH 203Q

Darlene Santee
Manager for Recruiting and Admissions
Email: santeed@uta.edu
Office:  SWSH 203U

Antwan C. Williams, J.D.
Asst. Director of Communications, Marketing, Recruiting, Admissions,
and Community Outreach

Email: antwan.williams@uta.edu
Office:  SWSH 203S

How To Apply

Please visit the MSW Admissions Page for information on how to apply.

MSW Admissions Page

Questions About School of Social Work Admissions?

Get information about School of Social Work Academic Programs, Admissions Requirements, Complete Future Student Interest Form, and more.