SSW Communications and Marketing

The SSW Office of Communications and Marketing provides internal and external communication, marketing, video and studio production, simulation studio training support, news writing, social media, and other community outreach services.


The School of Social Work Communications Office creates, writes, and produces visual and written products to be distributed to internal audiences and external news outlets. The office locates, prepares, and promotes experts to address Social Work issues in mass media.

Marketing and Communications - Primary Services

Communications Primary Function

Our Communications Team is here to help tell your story and to write the on-brand message for the school's audience. Whether you have earned a research grant, uncovered profound revelations as a result of your study, or want to celebrate a student whom you are proud of, we want to share that message.

UTA School of Social Work Courtyard Conversation - Social Work & Law

Courtyard Conversations

We are excited to re-introduce our Courtyard Conversations series as a 30-minute to one-hour podcast! You choose the subject, invite a guest of your choice, and we will help you to broadcast from the comforts of your home or office! Our Communications Team will help you prepare by offering best practices tips, review your script, and moderate your episode to ensure that it flows well and keeps the conversation going!

Digital Learning Studio

Digital Media & Video Production Studio


The School of Social Work’s in-house studio is a state-of-the-art facility with video production resources to enhance your academic and promotional vision.


Tips on How to Prepare

  • Brainstorm: How would you like to present your content? Develop a script or use your PowerPoint notes. If you need suggestions, contact us here at the studio for tips and tricks.
  • Decide what you would like to say: Are you concerned about staying on track on video? No worries. We can place your notes directly in front of you on our teleprompter. 


The School of Social Work Marketing Office provides marketing services and graphic design for the School of Social Work.  Most of the marketing services primarily SSW student recruiting and academic programs.

Marketing and Communications - Primary Services

Marketing Primary Function

The School of Social Work Marketing Office develops marketing and advertising materials for communication, recruiting, and brand reputation functions.  The office monitors return on investment for more than two dozen campaigns and maintains relationships with our internal university marketing staff and external commercial vendor partners.

Marketing and Communications - Social Media & Email

Social Media and Email Marketing

The Marketing Office also manages SSW’s social media platforms and conducts marketing research and planning. The Marketing Office can hold intake sessions with faculty and staff to provide consultation on events and projects they may be planning.

Marketing and Communications - Consultation image

Consultation Services

We do not have the staff capability to create a variety of marketing products for research and special event projects led by faculty or staff.  However, we can consult with you to provide guidance and connect you to resources. Our primary focus is supporting recruiting and high-level communication functions for the School of Social Work. 

Other Resources

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Antwan C. Williams, J.D.
Asst. Director of the Communications, Marketing, Recruiting, Admissions,
and Community Outreach

Phone: 817-272-6708
Office:  SWSH 203S

Doughlas Gutierrez
Communications Assistant for Digital Media &
Video Production

Reserve studio time: Book now
Phone: 817-272-6288
Office:  SWSH 203V

John Sevier
Web Developer
Phone:  817-272-6352
Office:  SWSH 203L

Jessica Davis
Marketing Manager
Phone:  817-272-3880
Office:  SWSH 203R

Jobanet Flores
Marketing Coordinator
Phone:  817-272-3870
Office:  SWSH 203K

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Studio Capabilities

  1. Dynamic Visual Imagery and Video Editing/During and in Post-Production
  2. Produce Lecture Videos for Online, Hybrid or Face-to-Face Courses
  3. Official Headshot Photos and Professional Artistic Portrait Photos for Publications
  4. Produce Instructional, Training and Announcement Videos
  5. Produce News, Marketing and Promo Videos
  6. Event Recording Coverage
  7. Live Webcasting and Livestreaming from remote locations
  8. Conduct Media Interview Training
  9. Graphic Arts, Visual Effects and Visual Design Photos and Videos
  10. Media/Video Portal Distribution (YouTube Links and/or Google Drive)