SSW Office of Communications and Community Outreach

The SSW Office of Communications and Community Outreach provides internal and external communications, marketing, video production, news writing, media training, social media, special events and community outreach services for the School of Social Work.



The School of Social Work’s in-house studio is a state-of-the-art facility with video production resources to enhance your academic and promotional vision.
Studio Capabilities/Services

  • Dynamic Visual Imagery and Video Editing/During and in Post-Production
  • Produce Lecture Videos for Online, Hybrid or Face-to-Face Courses
  • Official Headshot Photos and Professional Artistic Portrait Photos for Publications
  • Produce Instructional, Training and Announcement Videos
  • Produce News, Marketing and Promo Videos
  • Event Recording Coverage
  • Live Webcasting/Live Stream
  • Conduct Media Interview Training
  • Graphic Arts, Visual Effects and Visual Design Photos and Videos
  • Media/Video Portal Distribution (YouTube Links and/or Google Drive)

Our studio is designed to make your studio recordings a fully streamlined process. However, we encourage you to think about how you should prepare for your first recording. Here are some tips below:

  • Brainstorm: How would you like to present your content? Develop a script or use your PowerPoint notes. If you need suggestions, contact us here at the studio for tips and tricks.
  • Decide what you would like to say: Are you concerned about staying on track on video? No worries. We can place your notes directly in front of you on our teleprompter. 

Digital Learning Studio

SSW faculty and staff book time to record video or for photo session by contacting Doughlas Gutierrez, Communications Assistant and Video Specialist, SSW Complex, Building B, Room 121 – Phone: 817-272-6288 or email:  For more information about the studio click here.

SSW Special Events & Marketing Services

The SSW Office of Communications and Community Outreach provides special events and marketing services.  Although, the marketing and graphic design services are primarily for SSW recruiting and academic programs, the services are also available to other SSW faculty, staff, offices, departments and organizations.

Print Product Services

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Pamphlets
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Magazines

Digital Product Services

  • E-mailers/Newsletters
  • Digital flyers
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Digital imaging
  • Moving images

Special Events Planning

  • SSW Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni Events
  • Academic, Research and Speaker Series Events
  • Community Outreach, Recruiting and Sponsorship of Community Events

To inquire about the above services for special events and marketing needs, please contact Coral Simpkins, Special Events & Marketing Coordinator, SSW Complex, Building B, Room 123 – Phone: 817-272-5226 or email:

Get in Touch with SSW Communications

Antwan Williams
Manager of Communications, Recruiting,
Admissions and Community Outreach

Phone: 817-272-6708
Office:  SWCB 119

Valerie Hill
Communications Assistant 
Phone:  817-272-6346
Office:  SWCB 123

Coral Simpkins-Mims
Special Events Coordinator, Community
Outreach, Marketing

Phone: 817-272-5226
Office:  SWCB 116

Doughlas Gutierrez
Communication Assistant for Digital Media &
Video Production

Phone: 817-272-6288
Office:  SWCB 122