Student Frequently Asked Questions

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The Title IV-E Program is a federally funded initiative to integrate the social work profession into child welfare by offering stipends to students interested in working within child protective services. Recipients of the non-employee stipend will have the opportunity to complete their internships with DFPS (department of family protective services) or CBC (community-based care).

  • BSW qualifications
    • Must be in good standing
    • Be able to complete a block placement (all classes including social work, core and general classes must be completed before starting the block placement)
  • MSW qualifications
    • Must have a GPA of 3.5 or above
    • Must either specialize in Children and Families or Community Administrative Practice
    • Be able to complete an advanced block placement (all classes apart from Integrative Seminar (SOCW 5395) or (SOCW 5398) must be completed)
We recommend meeting with your academic advisor to be sure you are meeting with all your per-requisites to start your internship. You may also view the pre-requisites here.

Yes, for students that sign a contract and are offered employment at the end of the semester after graduation. A payback period of 8 months is required. Employment is extended to those who, successfully complete all classroom requirements and evaluation of practice skills during field placement in the CPS or CBC Training Academy.