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Study Abroad in Kenya

This study abroad experience will have an emphasis on experiential learning. Students will learn through engaging in activities while abroad while spending time in Kenya, specifically during the time students spend at local schools in Busia. The course will focus on topics such as health, role of culture in education and economic development of Kenya and the impact of sociocultural, economic, technological, and environmental sustainability. The goal of this study abroad experience is to facilitate student engagement, participation in life skills, work-life exposure and enhances career readiness.

Receive up to 3 credits Interactive Cultural Exchange and Social Cultural-Economic Impact in Rural Kenya (SOCW 4530/5392, MAS 3314, WOMS 3314, AAST 3321 and MARK 4325) and many others.

Program Overview

  • Interactive Learning
  • Train with 3 experts in the field
  • Earn 3 Course Credits
  • Taught at UTA and in Kenya
  • Meets most UTA degree plans
  • Enhance understanding of education in international context