Staff Directory

School of Social Work

Scott Ryan, MSW, MBA, PhD

Dean and Professor

Dean Scott Ryan

Debra Woody, PhD

Senior Associate Dean and Associate Professor

Debra Woody

Research Interests: Substance Abuse, School Based Social Work Services

Office of Academic and Student Affairs

Diane Mitschke, PhD, MSW

Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs

Associate Professor

Diane Mitschke

Research Interests: Health and Mental Health of Vulnerable Populations; Refugee and Immigrant Health and wellness

Holli Slater, PhD

Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs

Holli Slater

James Johnson

Coordinator of Academic and Student Affairs

Phone #: 817-272-3181

Master of Social Work Program

Regina T. Praetorius, PhD, LMSW-AP

Director of Graduate Programs


Regina Praterious

Research Interests: Trauma, Suicide, Military and Veteran Issues, Suicide, Suicide Bereavement, Qualitative Interpretive Meta-Synthesis (QIMS) and Social Work Education

Ginger Jackson

Administrative Assistant I

Ginger Jackson

Phone #: 817-272-2135

Bachelor of Social Work Program

Karen Magruder, LCSW

Director of Undergraduate Programs

Assistant Professor of Practice

Karen Magruder

Research Interests: Aging, mental health, health promotion, long-term care, hospice, dementia, sustainability, environmental justice

Velvet Denny

BSW Administrative Assistant

Office of Field Education

Dawnetta Smith, Ed.D. MSW

Assistant Dean for Field Education

Assistant Professor of Practice

Dawnetta Smith

Kanesha Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant

Phone #: 817-272-3533

Trinka Christensen

Coordinator II

Trinka Christensen

Phone #: 817-272-3610

Natalie Mangham, MSW

Field Advisor III

MSW Foundation Students

Monica Brown, MSW

Field Advisor III

Advanced MSW Children & Families and CAP Students

Sharon Martin, LMSW

Field Advisor III

BSW Students and Advanced MSW Health & Aging Students

Hector Ramos, MSW

Field Advisor III

Advanced MSW Mental Health/Substance Abuse Students

Office of Advising and Student Success

Patrice Green, LMSW


Patrice Green

Christopher Clark

Administrative Assistant I

Phone #: 817-272-3647

Justin Jones

Student Success Advocate

Justin Jones

Valerie Adame, LMSW

Academic Advisor III

(BSW Students – Last Names A-C) and (MSW Students - Last Names A-Ca)

Maresia Davis, MSW, MPP

Academic Advisor III

(MSW Students – Last Names Ce-I)

Cleondria Marable

Academic Advisor III

(MSW Students – Last Names Pi-Z)

Cleondria Marable

Mark Frazier, MSW

Academic Advisor III

(BSW Students – Last Names D-Me)

Toy Howard

Academic Advisor III

(MSW Students – Last Names J-Phi)

Keiana Crain, LMSW

Academic Advisor III

(BSW Students – Last Names Mi-Z)

Office of Research and Faculty Affairs

Katherine Sanchez, PhD

Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs

Associate Professor

Katherine Sanchez

Research Interests: Integrated health care, mental health disparities, implementation science, health services research, behavioral health issues of disparity populations, cultural and linguistic competency in mental health services, social work in medical settings and disease management, motivational interviewing and other brief clinical interventions, and the role of social work in chronic disease care.

Aaron Hagedorn, PhD

Assistant Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs

Aaron Hagedorn

Sherry A. Willis

Administrative Assistant I

Sherry Willis

Phone #: 817-272-3921

Doctoral PhD Program

Keith Anderson, PhD

Program Director

Keith Anderson

Research Interests: Emotional and physical well-being of older adults and their caregivers; home and community-based services for older adults; creative interventions to improve qualify of life in later life.

Center For Child Welfare

Maria Scannapieco, PhD, MSW

Director and Professor

Research Interests: Child Welfare, Implementation, Indian Child Welfare, Youth Aging Out Foster Care, Child Maltreatment, Mental Health Problems of Children and Adolescents, Kinship Care, University/Agency Collaborations and Workforce Development

Lorie White, LMSW

CPS Field Instructor

Lorie White

Center For Addiction and Recovery Studies (CARS)

Debra Woody, PhD

Senior Associate Dean and Associate Professor

Debra Woody

Research Interests: Substance Abuse, School Based Social Work Services

Sherry Bobo, LCSW-S

Center Coordinator

Sherry Bobo

Phone #: 817-272-9780

Jacel Calico, MSW, LCDC

Social Worker II

Jacel Calico

Phone #: 817-272-9777

Sheniqua Daniels

Senior Program Assistant

Phone #: 817-272-9761

Robyn Granger, LMSW

Social Worker I

Robyn Granger

Phone #: 817-272-9775

Brittany Meredith, LCSW-S

Social Work Supervisor

Brittany Meredith

Phone #: 817-272-9773

Shelly Mota, LMSW

Social Worker II

Shelly Mota

Phone #: 817-272-9724

Melissa Patel, LMSW, LCDC

Social Work Supervisor

Melissa Patel

Phone #: 817-272-9776

Laura Terry, PhD

Research Associate

Phone #: 817-272-9778

Michelle Young, LMSW, ACPS, CTTS

Social Work Supervisor

Phone #: 817-272-9774

Office: Bass Center Tower 2

Office of Communications and Community Outreach

Antwan Williams, JD


Antwan Williams

Phone #: 817-272-6708

Office: SWCB 119

Research Interests: Public Policy, Law, Military History, Veteran Care, Social Entrepreneurship, History, Culture and Geopolitical Issues in Sub-Sahara Africa, Caribbean and South America, African-American Military History

Darlene Santee, MSSW

Admissions Coordinator

Phone #: 817-272-5209

Leslie Reyna

Admissions Counselor III

Phone #: 817-272-1475

Shereeta Jones

Admissions Counselor

Phone #: 817-272-9488

Valerie Hill

Communications Assistant

Phone #: 817-272-6346

Office: SWCB 123

Coral Simpkins-Mims

Special Events Coordinator, Community Outreach, Marketing

Coral Simpkins-Mims

Phone #: 817 -272-5226

Office: SWCA 116

Doughlas Gutierrez

Communication Assistant for Digital Media & Video Production

Doughlas Gutierrez

Phone #: 817-272-6288

Office: SWCB 122

Dolores Bevins

Administrative Assistant

Phone #: 817-272-1044

Office of Administration and Business Operations

Nelda Lawson


Nelda Lawson

Gina Gonzalez-Wilson

Administrative Assistant I

Technology/Web Support Services

John Sevier

Web Developer

John Sevier

Phone #: 817-272-6352

Office of Analyses and Resource Planning

Arthur Go

Director, Academic Resource Planning (SSW)

Arthur Go

Phone #: 817-272-9547

Julie Gray, PhD


Phone #: 817-272-1767

Connie Quintana

Accountant III

Phone #: 817-272-2687

Lisa Wagner

Accountant III

Phone #: 817-272-3183

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