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Welcome! The School of Social Work values its relationships with organizations and agencies throughout the DFW area and beyond.

Thank you for considering a partnership with the Office of Field Education. We value the support you provide your clients and the community, and we appreciate this additional contribution to the profession.

By joining us, you will be in the good company of more than 500 agencies and organizations that offer field experience to our students. Many of our students have a history of volunteerism and an understanding of how agencies serve clients. Other students are less familiar with social work settings and populations.

In all cases, we are proud to offer our students the opportunity to work with veteran social workers in a variety of settings serving diverse populations. We look forward to getting to know you and to matching you with students who will discover the richness of all you do while growing into your expectations for professional social workers.

To work with our students, you must be able to provide supervision with a BSW-level social worker or an MSW-level social worker with two years of post-graduation, professional experience. These supervisors, or Field Instructors, must hold social work degrees from universities accredited through the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Field Agency Affiliation Process

Field Agency Affiliation Process

Our Students

The UT Arlington School of Social Work graduates BSWs, MSW’s, and Ph.D.’s. BSW and MSW students are required to complete a specified number of hours in field education.

  • BSW students must complete 480 hours of field education in one semester or 480 hours of field education in two consecutive semesters of at least 240 hours each with the same agency.
  • First-year MSW (Foundation MSW) students (those who enter the MSW program without a BSW) must complete 480 hours of field education in one semester (block placement) or two semesters (split placements).
  • Second-year MSW (Advanced MSW) students must complete 480 hours of field education. These students have the choice of completing at least 240 hours in two consecutive semesters (called a "split placement") or completing all 480 hours in one semester (called a "block placement") in the same agency.

Our BSW program graduates "generalist" social workers, so these students need an array of experiences in direct practice with individuals as well as with groups, organizations, and communities. These students must work under the supervision of a social worker who has a BSW or an MSW.

Our first-year graduate students also need a “generalist” experience that allows them to work with individuals, groups, organizations, and communities. They must work under the supervision of a social worker who has an MSW.

Our second-year graduate students focus their area of practice in one of two concentrations: Direct Practice (DP) or Community and Administrative Practice (CAP). DP students typically focus on clinical assessment and intervention with individuals and groups. CAP students focus on organizational tasks such as planning, fund-raising, grant-writing, advocacy, etc. Second-year students must also work under the supervision of a social worker who has an MSW.

How to Apply

As a new field placement, you will need the following: an employee or an affiliate of the agency with a BSW and/or MSW degree from a CSWE-accredited program and 2 years post-graduation experience in social work to supervise the students; space for the students as well as any applicable equipment; and ensure that the supervisor can meet with the students for 1 hour every week during their placement.

The first step in the affiliation process is to complete an interest form; the link to the form is below. Once the form is complete further instruction will be provided.

We look forward to partnering with you!


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