Community Impact Through Partnership

Alumni and Community Engagement

The University's future successes will be underpinned by the vitality of our renewed and future external relationships. We must foster positive alumni and community engagement, and extend and deepen our partnerships in the community.

We will deepen engagement in our community and across Texas and the nation through partnerships.

Our Strategies and Tactics

Create a culture of engagement with our faculty, staff, students, and alumni community to move the University forward and achieve its mission.
  • Enhance alumni engagement through expanded educational opportunities, affinity groups, and programming.
  • Increase alumni engagement through innovative communication outreach methods.
  • Strengthen relationships with corporate and industry partners through a robust engagement strategy.
  • Initiate steps to complete UTA's first-ever giving campaign.
  • Develop and enhance engagement opportunities to facilitate giving among alumni.
  • Facilitate collaborative projects between faculty, staff, students, and alumni that address community needs and contribute to the University's mission.
Maximize UTA's impact in the communities it serves through leadership and advocacy.
  • Strengthen ties with local communities, independent school districts, community colleges, and external organizations to develop collaborative initiatives that address shared challenges and contribute to the well-being of the broader community.
  • Create a cohesive community engagement strategy that maximizes the institution's positive impact on its community.
  • Establish a community engagement office to serve as a liaison between the University and external partners, facilitating collaboration and communication.
  • Regularly engage with communities to understand their needs and how we can best partner with them.
  • Develop community-based academic, research, and cultural projects that involve faculty, students, and community members working together to build a bright future.
  • Facilitate the collaboration between our campus experts and community organizations seeking support with their opportunities and needs.
Promote the prosperity and achievement of our community through active advocacy, assistance, and collaborative partnerships.
  • Expand high-quality events, internship programs, service learning opportunities, and community service initiatives.
  • Serve as a hub for community-serving activities and create programming that attracts different segments of the communities we serve.
  • Contribute to the economic and cultural development of the region by actively participating in local initiatives and supporting community-driven projects.
  • Broaden cultural, academic, and research opportunities for the community to engage with UTA.
  • Increase community excitement for Athletics and UTA sporting events. Enhance awareness and expand offerings in K-12 camp and on-campus event opportunities.
Elevate UTA's brand as a top-tier university through strategic marketing and branding.
  • Strengthen the University's brand awareness locally, nationally, and internationally, ensuring that it is recognized for its distinct qualities, values, and contributions.
  • Develop a comprehensive branding strategy that articulates the University's unique value proposition, academic strengths, and commitment to innovation to recruit students, staff, faculty and enhance the overall image of UTA.
  • Implement targeted marketing campaigns across various channels, including digital media, traditional advertising, and social platforms, to reach diverse audiences.
  • Strengthen the University's digital presence and engagement through strategic use of social media, online content, and digital communication channels.

Current Initiatives

Projects and initiatives to advance our strategies


Defining UTA's brand identity

to enhance our reputation and visibility by launching the Maverick Factor campaign and assessing long-term messaging.
chat bubble

Enhancing informative communications

for alumni and community members to highlight updates at UTA.

Preparing for our comprehensive fundraising campaign

UTA’s first-ever, focusing on enhancing scholarships, our research enterprise, and other key institutional initiatives.
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Building a network of engaged alumni and volunteers

by developing affinity groups and opportunities for engagement that deepen life-long connections to UTA.
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Strengthening our connections to the greater DFW community

through strategic partnerships, enhanced programming, and cultural projects.

Our Desired Outcomes

  1. Engaged and active alumni base.

  2. Strengthened brand awareness.

  3. Increased philanthropic commitments.

  4. Coordinated efforts with our community.

Measuring Our Success

UTA utilizes a comprehensive and dynamic framework to measure our progress on metrics associated with our strategic plan. We employ a combination of key performance indicators (KPIs) and qualitative assessments to gauge advancements in various areas, including graduation rates, employee engagement, annual fundraising, and total research expenditures.

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