Together, We Thrive

People and Culture

At UTA, we are committed to creating a culture that celebrates and promotes inclusivity and values the unique contributions of each individual. We believe that a genuinely supportive environment is one where every person, from employees to students to our partners and beyond, feels a sense of belonging and is empowered to be their authentic selves.

We will create and enhance a climate that values meaningful collaboration, recognition, and belonging.

Our Strategies and Tactics

Integrate UTA values throughout the University to support the campus in creating an environment and culture of belonging and engagement.
  • Enhance new-hire experiences focused on UTA culture.
  • Grow and expand new employee resource groups to promote a sense of belonging and support personal and career development.
  • Empower the Belonging and Engagement Council to drive organizational change focused on strengths and opportunities from engagement surveys.
  • Operationalize best practices for engagement and belonging and utilize engagement coaches for continuous improvement of the employee experience.
  • Move employee engagement and culture to the highest benchmark.
Foster a culture that attracts and retains top-tier talent and empowers our employees to contribute their best efforts.
  • Strengthen communication, development, and recognition efforts across the University.
  • Improve the employee onboarding experience.
  • Develop and deliver high-quality learning, leadership, well-being, and organizational development programs to increase leadership effectiveness and build high-performing teams.
  • Enhance employee support programs, including tuition assistance, to ensure our workforce is supported throughout their careers.
Accelerate talent acquisition processes and management strategies across the University.
  • Enhance recruitment and retention strategies that support our leaders to engage top talent in a competitive labor market.
  • Update compensation packages for competitive positions and enhance job postings.
  • Accelerate hiring of faculty who will advance research excellence, including development and support of RISE 100.
  • Ensure data, processes, and systems are equipped to meet future reporting, automation, integration, and information management needs.

Current Initiatives

Projects and initiatives to advance our strategies

chat bubble

Action planning based on results of the 2023 People and Culture survey

to develop plans for employee engagement and assess key aspects of the employee experience.

Developing an Employee Emergency Fund

that will provide short-term assistance to employees experiencing significant financial hardship.

Continuing ongoing staff and faculty compensation study

to determine UTA benchmarks in the external employment environment.

Exploring redesign

of faculty hiring, retention process, and GTA/GRA titling and compensation guidelines.

Increasing Professional Development Opportunities

through complimentary access to earn certificates and credentials from the UTA Coursera Career Academy.

Our Desired Outcomes

  1. Collaborative culture among faculty, staff, and students.

  2. Strengthened leadership and teamwork through belonging and engagement.

  3. Motivated and highly developed employees.

  4. Enhanced internal processes, including communication and decision making.

Measuring Our Success

UTA utilizes a comprehensive and dynamic framework to measure our progress on metrics associated with our strategic plan. We employ a combination of key performance indicators (KPIs) and qualitative assessments to gauge advancements in various areas, including graduation rates, employee engagement, annual fundraising, and total research expenditures.

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