A UTA For Tomorrow

Finance and Infrastructure

As a University, we have created and continue to develop ambitious and forward-looking goals as part of our vision for the future. It's imperative to our success that we develop our resource strategies and align our infrastructure plans to achieve our university goals.

We will accelerate infrastructure development and optimize financial sustainability to support the University's vision.

Our Strategies and Tactics

Optimize our financial management systems, financial models, and resource utilization strategies to ensure UTA meets its financial obligations.
  • Improve operational efficiency and optimize costs to ensure responsible use of resources while maintaining high-quality academic and support services.
  • Streamline administrative processes and invest in technology solutions to enhance efficiency and reduce overhead expenses.
  • Modernize financial planning to optimize resources and align to strategic priorities.
  • Diversify revenue streams by forging strategic partnerships with industry leaders, securing philanthropic grants, and leveraging University research for commercialization.
  • Cultivate a campus community focused on analytics by providing accurate, actionable data, reports, and visualizations to support strategic decision-making across the institution.
  • Increase financial transparency to inform decision-making and improve alignment of financial resources and strategic priorities.
Advance enterprise capabilities by modernizing, streamlining, and strengthening UTA's physical infrastructure to support the University's mission and vision.
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of current facilities to identify areas requiring renovation, technology upgrades, or expansion.
  • Enhance the overall campus experience by aligning the planned physical development of the campus through UTA's Campus Master Plan efforts.
  • Expand credit and noncredit programs and consulting in Fort Worth/West Fort Worth.
  • Develop capital partnerships that support economic development, housing, and conference space in the community.
  • Enhance cost-effective strategies to maximize University resources, with a focus on sustainability and space utilization.
Strengthen operational efficiency of administrative technology and protect vital University assets.
  • Strengthen the University's cybersecurity infrastructure to safeguard sensitive information, intellectual property, and student data from cyber threats.
  • Leverage information technology to enhance digital learning platforms, accessibility, educational resources, and standardizing classroom technology to support multiple learning styles.
  • Improve student digital experiences through student-focused, responsive technology, including expanded features in current UTA web and mobile applications.
  • Ensure that all digital content, including online courses and educational materials, adheres to accessibility standards.
  • Provide ongoing cybersecurity training for faculty, staff, and students to enhance awareness and promote positive behaviors focused on security across the University community.

Current Initiatives

Initiatives to advance our strategies

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Creating a campus culture of analytics

to strengthen and enhance operations and decision-making.
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Strengthening supplier diversity

to foster collaboration and ensure there are opportunities for partnerships in our community for underutilized businesses.

Current Projects

Our Desired Outcomes

  1. Disciplined financial stewardship.

  2. Accessible resources needed to advance our mission.

  3. Optimized use of technology.

  4. Effective processes that promote operational and strategic agility.

Measuring Our Success

UTA utilizes a comprehensive and dynamic framework to measure our progress on metrics associated with our strategic plan. We employ a combination of key performance indicators (KPIs) and qualitative assessments to gauge advancements in various areas, including graduation rates, employee engagement, annual fundraising, and total research expenditures.

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