Library Mall

Students outside UTA Central Library

Project Details

Project: Iconic Green Space

Status: Planning Phase
Anticipated Budget: $10 - 15 million
Location: Library Mall
Anticipated Completion: TBD

The upcoming project is poised to revitalize the Central Library Mall, elevating it into a remarkable green space dedicated to the campus community and enriching the park-like setting that defines the UTA campus. In synergy with the ongoing Cooper Street Bridge Revitalization initiative, the project aims to optimize pedestrian traffic flow across campus. Envisioned features include a tranquil reflecting pool surrounded by verdant planting areas and a tree canopy, fostering shaded outdoor spaces. These components will frame an inviting lawn, serving as a perfect venue for gatherings and student engagement. To address the campus's overall appearance, the project will emphasize creating a public space where students can lounge between classes and capture memorable graduation pictures. Enhancements along the campus edge will incorporate water elements along Cooper St., strategically positioned to mitigate traffic noise. This transformative endeavor is set to deliver an iconic green space at the heart of the UTA campus, designed not only for visual appeal but also to serve as a hub for student activity and community connection. The plaza will be thoughtfully designed to incorporate biophilic elements and embody the Arlington Way, fostering meaningful connections between people and place. The design process is anticipated to commence in Summer/Fall 2024