Alumni and Community Engagement

The University’s future successes will be underpinned by the support of our alumni and the vitality of our renewed and future external relationships. We must foster positive alumni and community engagement and create opportunities for people to connect to UTA. We will be able to grow a broader and more vibrant Maverick community through such dedicated efforts.

What We're Hearing

  • Increase alumni engagement
  • Continue to grow the endowment
  • Expand the availability of UTA-branded merchandise in area stores
  • Examine opportunities to enhance the international impact of our campus

What We’ve Done

  • Reorganized the Office of University Advancement to place greater emphasis on development and alumni relations and marketing, messaging, and engagement
  • Organized listening sessions for President Cowley to seek input and feedback from alumni and community leaders

What We’re Exploring

  • Actively recruiting two vice president positions to bring dedicated focus to development and alumni relations and marketing, messaging, and engagement
  • Developing strategy to increase alumni outreach and engagement, including expanding the Maverick Network through affinity programming, young alumni engagement, and the formation of regional chapters
  • Developing messaging, advertising, and marketing strategies to expand and elevate our brand identity and awareness, thus positively positioning UTA with key audiences
  • Developing a campuswide corporate engagement strategy